........she dreamt of being a glamourous grown up.

Foolish girl.

Why is it that growing up was high on many children's wishlist? If you had a relatively happy childhood then you had it good! This grown up moves are hard work oh!

So I've been back at work for two weeks. The first week was a minor train wreck. We had two major exhibitions going on and my manager had left a few things to the last minute because she was swamped so I came back and jumped in right at the deep end, helping her tie things together. Result? I felt and looked like I had had a relapse.

So I was frogged marched to occupational health where they told me to leave work everyday by 3pm everyday, ha!! Talk about a double edged sword. On one hand it's good, you get to rest. On the other hand not good, because your desk is groaning under the work that is waiting for you.

My second week, had my Dad arriving from Nigeria which is great. He can keep my Mum company as she recovers from her knee operation. But at work they announced redundancies. 20 people have lost their jobs and they will be doing this all over again next year. Honestly I don't think I will be safe next year at all. So in my building you have an air of gloom tinged with fear and anger. It is a feeling that they are experiencing all over Britain at the moment as our government just announced 490 000 job cuts in the public sector! God have mercy!

Let's just say it has been rough being an adult this week. I'm not as good under pressure as I thought I was. Ha! We got the redundancy email on Friday and had to wait till Monday to find out if we still had our jobs. Chai! My weave got grey strands in it.

Anyway I'm trying to suck it up and think about what my options are and pray so that I'm not making decisions that are not Spirit inspired. Apart from that, the show most go on. I can't tweet and stalk you all online as much as I used to, but I will try. Reading blogs is such a joy, I don't want to stop that jo! PS I am seriously trying to clean out my love life. I think that is worth a post, yes?
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  1. Tisha Says:

    i like

    please the twilight hook up.

  2. CaramelD Says:

    @Tisha, I'm chasing you all over Blogsville hahahahaha! I got them as a gift from Amazon. You can get the whole set quite cheaply. PS Sorry for the late reply x

  3. LucidLilith Says:

    Oh goodness me. I will keep you in my prayers....please God, let Caramel keep her job...please...

  4. Azuka Says:

    I laughed at "foolish girl."

    Good luck.

  5. Myne Whitman Says:

    Being an adult is not easy o. 490,000 jobs? I have people in the CS o, wow! I;ll be praying for all you guys..Take it easy sha

  6. CaramelD Says:

    @ Lucidlilth, thanks girl! All prayers gratefully accepted.

    @Azuka :) We didn't know how good we had it! Thanks.

    @ Myne, this thing is nuts. They said we have to do cuts now and that the private sector will absorb it. I think not!

  7. Why did i think u were a doctor all this while? I think i confused you with someone else.

    I enjoyed my childhood and being a child. I was never in a rush to be grown and i'm thankful for that, if not i would have been kicking myself now.

    Glad u r feeling better.

  8. Freaksho Says:

    Yes. It is worth a post. And fret not. When you roll with the geek squad, jobs are ALWAYS in high demand.

  9. lol...

    As a new adult, I say it is rough being an adult in general...

    PS: Does 21 count as a new adult???

  10. Nice Anon Says:

    When she was a little girl she looked so adorable.

    Sending positivity your way. Positive thoughts woman!

  11. Sugarking Says:

    Nne Jisike o? God never forgets his children.

  12. SHE Says:

    Is this your picture as a little gal? wow!


    Reading blogs is a great joy for me too.
    Work hard o! But don't stress yourself.

  13. LusciousRon Says:

    I pray you are not affected. Being an adult is over-rated. Chei I wish I could turn back the hands of time. All the best

  14. CaramelD Says:

    @ Nigerian Scorpio, in a million years youcouldn't find someone as undoctorlike as me :) Glad to hear you enjoyed your childhood. That is the way is should be.

    @Freaksho, have you just assured me of a job in front of all these witnesses? I know where you live you know ;)

    @Harry, you are a fresh out of the packet adult. You still have the receipt! The best (cough) is still to come.

    @Nice Anon, keep sending those thoughts biko Nne!!

    @Sugarking, Amen!!

    @SHE, why are you being cruel now? Who dash me Jodie Foster hotness :(

    @Luscious Ron, I agree 100%.

    Thanks for all your wishes. My job is safe for now till January. We wil cross that bridge when we get to it.

  15. Miss Natural Says:

    you'll be fine IJN. Try not to worry about it. The govt has just been giving such depressing news lately about job cuts but you will be favoured. LOL about your weave that was hilarious!

  16. The bit about your weave getting grey hairs cracked me up. Pele! You are a survivor...don't forget that!