My Mum has an operation later today on her knee and I can't be at the hospital with her because I will be at work trying like crazy to come up with ideas and prepare paperwork that will enable our managers to fight for the existence of our jobs and the department.

Add to that that I have the worst period ever due to lack of any exercise this past month while I was sick and I'm meant to be asleep to be able to face tomorrow and instead here I am awake and the pills and the hot water bottle is just not cutting it at the moment.

How will I be able to do spreadsheets and come up with great strategies tomorrow when I will be using all my energy to sit up straight and not double over from pain and exhaustion and worry about my Mum?

OK suck it up. Please someone tell my womb to allow me sleep.
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  1. SHE Says:

    Oh dear!

    Sorry babes, take some strong tea in the morning. God be with you, and your mum.

    Oh dear!

  2. Nutty J. Says:

    You uterus is being mean to you... sorry ooooooooooo

    Try diclofenac pain killer

  3. ~Sirius~ Says:


  4. Tisha Says:

    God will be holding you up.
    He doesn't leave you...

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Get well soon. May God heal your

  6. Nice Anon Says:

    Deep relaxing breaths.warm hugs your way

  7. Myne Whitman Says:

    It will be fine dear. I hope the surgery on your mum went well? All the best with the job, hugs..

  8. ibiluv Says:

    mum ok?


    painful periods are just the most annoying bombo

    its bad enuff dat i am loosing blood-why does it happen with pain??

  9. Muse Says:

    sorry happens at times.

  10. CaramelD Says:

    @ She, my dear this one pass hot tea for real.

    @Nutty J, I took one strong painkiller like that and didn't eat and then started it's own drama on my body. Chai!

    @Sirius, thanks babe.

    @Tisha, Amen!

    @Temiville, thank you. Mum is good now as well.

    @Nice Anon, darlu Nne.

    @DannyB, Feeling da love.

    @Myne, thank you it went very well.

    @Ibiluv, see me see wahala oh! I really wonder. Apparntly it gets better after pushing out kids. Well let's wait and see. I don't beleive them. Mum is cool.

    @Muse, thank you jo. Don't mind life.