.......Also known as things Caramel did to pass the time while under quarantine.

  • Promise God time and time again that I would never take my health for granted again.
  • Stupidly fall asleep.
  • Stand in front of my mirror in my knickers, critically breaking down my body bit by bit and gathering intel on all my best parts to use as weapons of mass destruction later.
  • Get seduced into reading all four Twilight books and hating myself for doing it yet not be able to drop the books because I NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!
  • Decide that Bella is the most annoying lead female character ever.
  • Watch all the tv series I've always wanted to watch but never got around to...Drop Dead Diva (funny and sad at times), The Good Wife (gripping!!!), Cougar Town (too funny and just plain wrong in some places) and finally, Mad Men (just started).
  • Fall asleep some more.
  • Try to convince my relative from Nigeria that me falling ill is not an attack from my Father's's just me falling ill.
  • Decide to screen my calls.
  • Wrongly think my full strength has returned and pay for my folly after trying a house chore like cleaning the bathroom.
  • Gasp in amazement at 6ft 4in sexy Italian electrician as he wanders around my house assessing it for a job and silently cry at my decision to open the door in jogging bottoms and hair net looking like an extra from the Michael Jackson Thriller video.
  • Book 're-entry into the world' appointment at my beauticians!!!
  • Try and see if I can still put my leg around my head.
  • Spend my Amazon birthday voucher of Lord of the Rings soundtrack and special extended DVD collection (hurrah).
  • Memorise 'Into the West' by Annie Lennox and decide I want it played at my funeral.
  • Watch all three LOTR back to back and marvel once again at how much I love those movies.
  • Go online to research volunteering opportunities in visiting terminally ill patients or running chores for them.
  • Hate the look of food but drink numerous cups of tea.
  • Decide I want to go honey brown for my hair.
  • Fall asleep again.
14 Responses
  1. SHE Says:

    Lol @ looking like a thriller extra. hehehe!

    I bet your leg didn't go round your neck, or did it?

  2. CaramelD Says:

    @SHE, it still does! I've still got it baby! hahahahahaha

  3. Myne Whitman Says:

    Not bad at all. Maybe I need to fall sick so I can do some of those things. Like watch Mad Men, lol. Glad you're about to "re-enter" the world...

  4. Pele dear....thank God for healing n recovery. I wish I cld stay home n do nothing for a few

  5. You were pretty busy!

    I'm very impressed with the legs around your head trick...goodness!

  6. doll Says:

    hey....sounds like you had fun...

    Hope you are better though

  7. Azuka Says:

    I love the thriller bit.

  8. kay9 Says:

    lol... u're ok, friend.

  9. Tisha Says:

    please send me the address online of the twilight books...

    send it to

  10. LucidLilith Says:

    Awwww......sorry my dear. Please take it easy. No joking. Your body needs its rest.

  11. akaBagucci Says:

    If only for number three, it was worth it i think... :)

  12. Tisha Says:

    you did not send me the twilight books hookup again?

  13. CaramelD Says:

    @ Tisha, so sorry dear please forgive my hopeless memory. I had them sent from Amazon as a gift. I fyou go to Amzon they actualy sell all four books at a discounted rate.

  14. Jaycee Says:

    Volunteering for terminally ill, such a beautiful desire.