Today is a good day. I'm a little out of sorts but I believe it will be a good day. Why? Because I'm thinking of wearing a bra. On my own steam without harassment, I'm thinking of wearing of wearing a bra. Yup, definitely a good day.

My last of good days were Saturday 4 to Wednesday 8 September. On Saturday my friends and I had gone out for karaoke to celebrate my birthday. It was a perfect night out. We had our own room and a waiter to bring your dinner and drinks. We sang the night away murdering perfectly good classics and modern hits. On Sunday my cousin got tickets to watch the taping of a popular came show called Family Fortunes and as a stroke of good luck we got actual A/B-list British celebrities on the show and had a fantastic time. Tuesday rolled on and as we had a tube strike in London I stayed in the City with my cousins and had a lovely birthday which included birthday cake for breakfast in the office.

While I was staying with them I had been so hot every night and sweating when it was bed time. No one else felt it and we all joked that maybe at 29 I was getting early menopause. It wasn't till Wednesday night that I realised that maybe I was coming down with something.

Thur 9
I woke up hot and riddled with aches and pains. Every time I moved I coughed. Well I called in sick at work and called my friend who lived nearby to help me get some pain killers. The fever got worse and I struggled to go to the pharmacy for cough syrup and a thermometer. My GP had no free appointments so I made one for the next day.

Fri 10
Around 5am I woke up terrified. I couldn't breathe properly. Every breathe was a chore and as I freaked out I made it worse. When I stood up the room swam and I nearly fainted on the stairs. What alarmed me was the fact that my Mum was in America and I was home alone. I took my temperature again and it was 39.4, so I called 999. I won't lie by the time the ambulance came I was in full crying mode. When we got to A&E, they took my BP, took blood and took urine. Asked me a million questions about where I had been and then I had to wait for ages. The doctor then saw me and said I have a nasty chest infection and I had to take some antibiotics and rest. So my friend came to pick me and kept me in her house. Without Panadol I wouldn't have made it through the day. Everything hurt! All my joints and my head and I was always shivering in the grip of fever.

Sat 11
At this point my phone was always ringing. I had both parents calling and I had family who by sheer coincidence were not around calling every second to make sure I was alive. I didn't want to worry my Mum so I kept my conversations brief because if I spoke to her for long I would start crying again. My best friend spent a day and a night but in the end she had to go.

Sun 12 & Mon 13
By now the coughing was vicious, it would come and grip me in a wracking cough and you couldn't stop until you felt you were choking and tears were streaming down your face. The icing on the cake was of course my period started. Oh the joy. You think I would be given a free pass but no I had all the pain of cramps to deal with as well as everything else. Misery was my name. My Aunt came to take me but I just wanted to be in my house and limit my coughing, crying and period pain to one location. Did I mention throwing up? Have you ever thrown up chicken soup through your nose? I wouldn't recommend it. On Monday another friend came and did some shopping for me. God bless her.

Tue 14
From America my Mum had got her friend to check my hospital records. My infection marker was 84 (a normal adult should be under 5) and she told me to go back to the GP. I told my GP I wasn't getting better and he was baffled why I never had an x-ray the day I went to A&E. So he sent me back to the hospital.

Wed 15
My Mum flew in that morning and drove me to the hospital for my x-ray. I told her to go as she had work that night and went off for my x-ray. After the x-ray was done, I hadn't even put on all my clothes when the radiographer came running into my cubicle, "You need to get dressed and go to your GP now. You have pneumonia in your right lung and it's spreading." I'll never forget that look on her face. It was like she was thinking how on earth is this girl still walking around? As it was Wednesday my GP was closed to off I went to A&E again. They couldn't admit me as the hospital was full so they released me in the care of my Mum and some seriously lethal looking antibiotics. I'd rather be in my house anyway!

Thursday 16 to now
So here I am under house arrest, I'm not allowed to leave as my immune system is low and I can catch anything off anybody and that will put me back in hospital. Once I started the right medication, I could feel a difference. I'm as weak as a baby (it took 4 hrs to type this post!!!) but I no longer feel subhuman. The biggest problem is still my chest and the coughing and the medication has a few side effects but I don't care! I'm off work for a while and I'm trying to get better so I don't run nuts in the house. I have been in a uniform of hairnet and kaftan all this while but today I thought about my bra for the first time. So today is a good day.
25 Responses
  1. Oh no, sorry dear...wishing you a speedy and safe recovery, sending you lots of positive thoughts is well in Jesus name!

  2. Sting Says:

    Awwww..... i hope u feel better. Kpele. I'm glad they caught that is was pneumonia "early" enough. Take it easy.

  3. Azuka Says:

    Hope you get better soon.

  4. wishing you a speedy recovery! wish i could bring you some spicy fish peppersoup. mwah!

  5. shorty Says:

    Wishing you a quick recovery dear. All shall be well in God's name. Amen

  6. Ah! Pele dear. Thank God that u're recovering and getting some relieve. Just take it easy and rest till u're 100%.

    Tke cre.

  7. ~B~ Says:

    Wow, I'm so sorry t hear that! I hope u're feeling a lot better, please get well soon!

  8. leggy Says:

    awwww...ndo oh.
    get better soon dear.

  9. Tega Says:

    Get well soon

    Best wishes.

  10. Myne Whitman Says:

    Oh my goodness! Pneumonia can be terrible sha. At least you're feeling better. Ndo o..

  11. TayneMent Says:

    wow. I am glad you feel better oh. Pneumonia ain't no joke.

  12. LG Says:

    lol@I thought about my bra for the first time
    pele, get well NOW!

  13. Freaksho Says:

    that's freaky. man. see why i always say y'all have hostile weather? you need to swing round these here parts...get some grade A african sun on you.
    pele babe.

  14. doll Says:

    heya....sorry...may your health be restored soonest

  15. kay9 Says:

    was gonna recommend it, but freaksho already did. Get well quick, y'hear.

  16. CaramelD Says:

    Thank you very much for your get well wishes, I'm getting better the side effects of my numerous pills are actually my biggest issue at the moment :) PS I will accept all deliveries of pepper soup. PPS Any tv series that you all can recommend I watch while stuck at home?

  17. Nice Anon Says:

    It is beyond me why you didn't get an x-ray right away sef! Na wa o.

    Keep getting better nne.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Eewo, ndo my darling. Thank God you are feeling a little better. I wish you full speedy recovery.

    Eziokwu those UK hospitals are so quick to chase patients home except they are right on the brink of death.


  19. LucidLilith Says:

    oh my dear girl


    Thank the good lord you are alive and well.

  20. acainto Says:

    Sucks....get better soon!!!!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Kpele o.
    Am surprised u didn't get that xray straight out.
    One of the (few) benefits of living in Naija is that you can get prescription antibiotics OTC.Erthromycin would probably have cleared you up.
    Git better soon.Oh,and watch Glee.


  22. WASParty Says:

    thank God for his mercies o and that you are still among the living.

    keeping resting and get well soon

  23. Wow...I'm sooo glad you're feeling a lot better. Pele...pneumonia is not a joke o. Hope you feel 100% soon.

  24. AlooFar Says:


    better now?

  25. SHE Says:

    OH La La! Where was I?
    Pele. As you have put up a new post, I suppose you are okay now. Ndo, you hear?