• Bra starts hurting
  • Wig (if I have one on) starts hurting
  • Eye starts stinging from eye liner/mascara
  • Detangling little strand of hair caught in my earring suddenly becomes a fight to the death 
  • Suddenly colleagues jokes are no longer funny 
  • Fight fellow commuters in a faux polite way for the last seat in your carriage

Best part is when you get home and come through from the front door. From the hallway I start taking things off including jewellery and get into my default setting of kaftan and a headscarf. I have heard this might be a no-no when in a relationship so I am enjoying it while I can! 

Taking off your bra is one of the best feelings in the world known to womankind. Do not know how women of old handled corsets. No wonder they were always fainting! 

Anyway I digress. The trick now is to look after myself more so that I'm tired less and stop falling ill all the time. So wish me luck!

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