Feelings all over the pace this morning. I think it's an aftershock from this week.

Got the news earlier this week that a member of my extended family is a child molesting paedo rapist monster and I still feel sick.

Where do you even start? First of all is to make sure that the victim is okay and receiving couselling but in Nigeria how do you take someone like that down? Especially after the duration of over a decade. Also at the same time he is still somebody's husband and father. How do they deal with all of this? My head can't contemplate.

With that running in the background, focusing on the day to day is weird. I am looking at things in a different light. Ah only God can sort this out oh.

You can imagine how I felt when I got asked on a date for last night. Automatic reaction was to say no but a) the man has been a perfect gent and I would feel like an uber bitch saying no for no reason and b) after breaking up with my ex last November I had to activate my re-set button.

So first of all he was late, then in waiting for him, I then became late and when I got to the restaurant and called I couldn't see him even though he was parked on the street. Turned out he broke his car key while locking the door :( Na wa oh!

In the end we did have a nice enough date chatting and laughing for about an hour but it was always at the back of our minds that he lives an hour away and has no car. In the end he got pliers from a shop and used it to turn the key in the ignition and that brought the date to an end because no one is taking a risk of turning the engine off again.

I have promised that I will see him again and even though I didn't feel any butterflies and I wish he had made a little more effort with his apperance, I'm still glad I went :)

So this week I have lost way more trust in mankind, will invest heavily in nanny cams and I have pressed the re-set button.
3 Responses
  1. TheRustGeek Says:

    Sounds a lot like progress (bar the terrible news).. By all means, meet up with this gentleman from an hour away, we would love to live vicariously through you :)

  2. CaramelD Says:

    There will be no living vicariously this 2016. We all need to make our own memories, no?

  3. ManCee Says:

    Interesting story with the broken car key man. Thankfully he wasn't a broken key nor sound like one. Do go on another date and see if he may just strike a key and a chord in ya. Wink

    Per the other bios, i feel your pain and the confusion on how best to address the matter NOW.

    if he's still the same ol idiot...then flay him with glee, if he has repented though and is indeed a new man, how do we address this?

    I do not have the answer. I do not think it is a straightforward and simple answer either. Heaven help us and especially the victims ; praying they don't carry scars.