I'm writing.
I'm writing.
I'm writing something and very soon I will click 'publish' and it will be the first post in 13 months.

I do know that this is pretty basic stuff but the excitement is quite tremendous. I have broken my long streak of unanimated creative laziness and I'm thankful to God for it.

It's crazy how much something can be important to you. I found that there is an actual detriment to myself when I am not writing and it is a hobby that I don't want to lose because to lose it would be to lose a big part of myself.

I don't even know if this will ping on anybody's radar but 'Happy New Year' if you are one of the five people reading this!!!

Let's see if I can do a quick 2015 re-cap before it fades into the random shadows of my memory.

  • Had a very stressful restructure and work and now have a new job at work.
  • Went to a Game of Thrones exhibition and sat on the Iron Throne  
  • Threw a very awesome anniversary (second wedding) for my folks. Super cute. 
  • Went to Chicago for the first time for little cousin's graduation.
  • Dropped my learner plates.
  • Had a boyfriend (yay) then broke up with him after a few truths were revealed (boo).
  • Finished the year with epic family reunion in Nigeria and general good times with a hint of naughtiness.
So 2015 was interesting but I felt stagnant. Looking to 2016 for a whole lot more action! 

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