Whoosh! Time has left me! Time broke up with me, took the dog and the leather sofa and left me!

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a lovely time, and even though my dress WAS too short I took Nice Anon and Sirius's advice and rocked it out to the best of my ability.

I also realised that I don't have a head for champagne. No, no, no and no.

My 28th year started with me deciding that I had to make more of the life that God gave me. I think I find it quite easy to sit back and take a back seat with many issues relating to my life so I am trying to change. I also vowed to stop bending over for other people and not be afraid to voice my opinion. I can make noise, but when it matters I go quiet for all the wrong reasons. Well that has stopped too.

You know there are times (for the ladies) when you will just jump in and out of the shower, barely manage to rub body lotion and white powder and people will stop you on the road and say "Girl....... Loving the look! what make up do you use, etc, etc" Do you why? It's because your body had decided that day to work with you. All elements were in harmony, skin, hair, nails , all of it!

Well I have had many a day like that but this week! This week when I really need to be hot hot hot, my body has joined our postal workers and gone on strike! My hair is crooked, my skin is weird (autumn is here), and as for my tummy! Well, it's not even pretending to hear me LOL! Don't worry I wrote a petition to God. I expect a reply soon.

I'm buying a house with my Mum, (oh how terribly adult-like) only problem is we have a buyer but we haven't found anywhere for ourselves! See the stress! I have been to so many house viewings I now dream about them. So now the heat is on to find a house. I wrote God an email about that too.

More drama at home. My Dad now has two bodyguards permantly. I never believed there would be a day I would say that. Weird people keep coming to the Palace and asking bizarre questions. The latest was that two men in dark glasses came knocking at 5am in the morning asking for my Dad. Our househelp (so very unlike her) actually opened the door to them! She only told them that he had travelled, even though they grilled her. Then on her way to 6am mass, she realised that the big palace metal gates were padlocked and bolted, so the men had not come that morning, they had been in the grounds overnight. Na wa!

OK have to go and work! Stay happy! Stay blessed!
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  1. Ms. 'dufa Says:

    Hope you get to do all that you've set your mind to. You live in a palace? Cheers!

  2. akaBagucci Says:

    life.. happened.. Sadly I find myself saying that to every one these days, we must be growing collectively senile..

  3. Myne Whitman Says:

    You still have your whole life ahead so look onwards. As for your dad, are you serious?

  4. Fabulo-la Says:

    I pray that God will continue to watch over you and your family o!

    But wait..u live in a palace?

  5. Enkay Says:

    Your dad stayed back here at the palace? Wow. All these strange visits from strange men don't sound good at all!

    May all your petitions to God come through real soon!

  6. aeedeeaee Says:

    Strange men?? Hmmm, i hope that part was in the e-mail you sent to God. Anyways, he protects his own.
    Enjoy life!


  7. leggy Says:

    kk i need to catch up.

  8. Sassy Trends Says:

    Living in the palace... everyone comes to you for something...
    Glamour.. fame or

    That's a song reallyy..

    Babe na you big o...

  9. CaramelD Says:

    Hiya Carameliscious people,

    I will respond individually soon but I had to drop in and say you guys are killing me with your comments LOL!

    It is an Igbo town palace not flipping Disney/Hollywood palace! The only thing that is different from a normal Igbo township compound and my late Grandfathers's palace is that our compound was large! We had a massive gate, and the meeting place or 'obu'then some houses. When you go up into the back then you had all the wives apartments and kitchens (one per wife) and the bathrooms and toilets.

    My Dad has one of those bungalows near the gate and you can't get away from those 'brothers' who wish him harm because they can come and go as they please. So that is why we are rushing to finish our house in our own compound and move the hell out.

    Don't get me wrong the palace used to be beautiful but those idiots uprooted and chopped down all our beautiful trees and horticulture (looking for the juju that my Dad apparently buried)and now it looks barren, definately not the home of my childhood.

  10. Nice Anon Says:

    Na wa oo. Hope you find a place to buy soon enough.

  11. ManCee Says:

    Na wah o...
    I'm sure we can write a soap opera on this palace going ons...
    wondering what a suitable title would be (hope the thot of it makes you smile at least once each time you have to think about the hassles)

    Stay 'fab'

  12. Muse Says:

    i really do hope your dad's palace is nowhere near aba. so...princess huh? wadya know, i've sometimes been mistaken for a prince myself; wadya say?

  13. Fragilelooks Says:

    First, i had tot uhmmm THE CINDERELLA STORY bt afta d comments... ... ...

    @muse: LWKM.

  14. Fragilelooks Says:

    First, i had tot uhmmm THE CINDERELLA STORY bt afta d comments... ... ...

    @muse: LWKM.

  15. na wa oh, I hope your father and family remain safe.

    As for email petitions to God, I think you need to sign me up for that. What's His email addy self? =)

  16. CaramelD Says:

    @ Ms Dufa, thank you.

    @ DannyB, hmm! I'm not going down the senile route yet!

    @ Myne Whitman, unfortunately I am serious.

    @ Fabulola, Amen and Amen.

    @ Enkay, he stays there because of my 96 year old Grandmother, but by the grace of God our new house will be finished soon and we will leave that hell hole.

    @ aeedeeaee, the email to God was very long and I will DEFINATELY enjoy life to the best of my ability.


  17. CaramelD Says:

    @ Leggy, LOL!

    @Sassy, the reality couldn't be furher away from that :)

    @ Nice Anon, thank you! I have missed visiting your blog :(

    @ Mancee, don't worry about me. It's all in God's hands. I just worry for my Dad. PS I think I have taught you a bad thing oh! I don't think a man of the people like yourself can actually say 'fab'!! LMAO

    @Muse, This my story is playing out in every town all over Africa. All that is needed is an un-cohesive family, with a healthy mix of greed and selfishness. PS An Aba prince? Interesting......LOL

    @ Fragile looks, which kind Cinderella story? Not here mate!

    @ Ms Solly, email addresses for God are plenty as his internet provider if faith. I use THEBIG_G@HEAVEN.COM

  18. HYAW Says:

    The palace got my attention. God protects anyway! take care

  19. SHE Says:

    The men were on the grounds overnight??!! pretty scary!

    LOL @ Muse: Dem never start to dey mistake you for king?

  20. Nice Anon Says:

    Muse onye ara! Aba ke? LOL

    Update na.