The last quarter of this year is going to be nuts so strap up and enjoy the ride because you all KNOW I will be here crying, laughing, bitching and generally asking opinions etc! Don't leave me in my hour(s) of need.....

Train Stop One
So our home of 19 years is officially sold. There was a bit of a panic when we realised where we have found wouldn't be ready in time (end of October). It looked like we would have to put everything in storage and then bunk in various houses like wandering nomads. See my Maternal unit in full blown panic mode. Hmm! Her biggest problem wasn't paying for storage (I said I would), it wasn't packing up 19 yrs of your life into boxes, it wasn't where we would stay. Nope her biggest problem was her freezer.

Or should I say her three freezers!

Mum: " Caramel I can't sleep! What will happen to all my food stuffs that I suffered and brought from Nigeria? My yam? My bitter leaf? My egusi? My ukpaka etc etc.."

Me: "Mum just share it out among all your friends freezers!!"

Mum "Ohhhhhhh I don't want to!"

Na wa oh! See beef! In the end though, the new owners of our house have agreed for us to rent it from them. Thank God oh! So now the great packing begins! I know it will be a mini battle. My Maternal Unit is a self confessed pack horse! We haven't even started and already we have had our first 'words'.

Me: "I will start on my room and the sitting room. We can chuck things we don't need like our Nollywood VHS."

Mum: Why do you want to throw them away?

Me : " No one uses them anymore, it's all VCDs and DVDs."

Mum: "Then we can give it to charity shops (second hand stores) down the road."

Me: " Mum I'll be hard pressed to imagine the Cancer Research Shop stocking Living in Bondage!!"

Oh dear..........

Train Stop Two
My friend of 16 years has me gobsmacked. While her first engagement was in the process of failing, she started seeing someone else. She told me her first engagement had broken up in July, then in September she told me she is getting married to the second guy in December. My head was spinning. I just felt that it was weird to be engaged to two separate men in under a year. If I met a guy in May and was marrying him in December, my family will think I am either pregnant or nuts .....especially as I have just left a previous relationship.

Anyway (Bumight you won't believe this) I am now on my way to Nigeria in November to be her bridesmaid. I didn't plan this (obviously) and I'm stuck between wanting to be there for my friend and wondering if I have a right to worry. To be honest this was last week. Right now, I am in live and let live mode.

Anyone who followed my near bankruptcy with my cousin's wedding will not be surprised to hear that at least I have learnt my lesson. When my friend said I will have to buy my bridesmaid dress, I politely told her that I am buying a last minute air ticket to Nigeria which I did not budget for so in no way am I paying for my bridesmaid dress!!! I am in the process of buying a house, who has cash for last minute romance? Not me mate!

Train Stop Three
I have started my hospital tests because of my PCOS and all the weird symptoms I have been having. I have had two consultations, blood tests and the last is my ultrasound this week. I am in and out of my hospital these last two weeks that I am on first name basis with the ladies at reception.

My tests keep taking me out of the office and I feel awkward. I know I have to go but I can't wait for them to be over and I don't have to keep working half days. My workload is piling up. OK who wants to hear a freaky story. Went for the blood test, and they had to take five vials. The blood wouldn't come out. We tried everything and still it was just dropping. I now jokingly put on my best Lord of the Rings voice and said "You may leave my body now", See the blood start gushing into the vials eh! Hey! Scary! If you see the look the nurse gave me, like "witch" LOL!!!
16 Responses
  1. Living in bondage! Memories are flooding back...

    As per your friend. Na wa oh. Well, ultimately, you are her friend regardless of her decisions. I'm sure there is a good way you can raise your concerns about her 2 engagements within the span of a year, but ultimately, if you can, be there for her. The mere fact you are going to Naija shows you are a very good friend.

    Take care, babe.

  2. doll Says:

    two.. men in a year...your girlfriend is in the speed may work parents met and married in 8 months and now its 26 yrs of marriage

    LOL@ Living in bondage

  3. ~Sirius~ Says:

    I can't begin to imagine all that packing!!!!


    Pls tell we we got our dream house too?

    Christmas just has to be off the hook this year!

  4. ~Sirius~ Says:

    @ Doll.....I don't think our generation reasons like our parents use too. I wish her the best is all I can say

  5. Nice Anon Says:

    Hmmmm ekwusikwa ike?! Anyways isn't a little too early to be jumping to a relationship? I pray it works out for her sha.

    Good your house sold seeing as the housing market is crap right now.

    LoL@ living in bondage.. That movie gave me the creeps. Andi wetin Merit do you na? That and Nneka the pretty serpent.

  6. akaBagucci Says:

    sounds like a lot of action over the remainder of the year at yours..... lol @ the naija movies... you never know who might want them from the charity shop you know..

  7. Myne Whitman Says:

    Nothing wrong with your friend getting married after 7mths except she just broke off one 6mths ago. It's very nice of you to travel though.

    Good luck on your packing and the new house.

  8. Rita Says:

    "So our home of 19 years is officially sold"...hope you dont feel sad about sure you must have a lot of memories. LOL @ the VHS.

    While I sit back and wonder if your friend was really ready, I know that some marriages that happened in a short space of time have lasted.

    Sorry about ur workload and how the PCOS is making u visit the hospital often. Hope it all will soon be sorted out. Kpele.

  9. ShonaVixen Says:

    LOL@ the Lord of the Rings voice and the blood actually coming out!!
    Good luck with the unpacking.

  10. Enkay Says:

    Wow, Carameld you've got a lot going on mehn!

    Mothers can so fret about nothing eh! lol!

    As for your friend, if you've said your bit about your concerns, then you've said enough. These things have a way of working themselves out. For your friend's sake, i hope it all turns out well.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    lol...i want ukpaka..gosh i love those things.and na wa your friend journey.

  12. HYAW Says:

    good luck with packing. you have a lord of the rings voice, must be scary!

  13. mizchif Says:

    You are so sweet to be travelling for your friends wedding.
    All the best with the tests. Hope everything gets sorted soon.

  14. Afrobabe Says:

    lmao @ ur told her to what??? put her naija food stuff in her friends fridge which is equal to admiting she has them which is wqual to givingout loads....on her behalf I!!!

  15. BSNC Says:

    lol witch ke, tell her God works in mysterious ways o...

    lol and why wouldn't they watch living in bondage, shey it was in english..

  16. CaramelD Says:

    @ Ms Solly, I am not raising concers again oh! The window has gone. I aid what was on my mind and that's all. Right now it's all about the colours and aso-ebi and all that jazz.

    @Doll, I know it happens all the time but what worried me was that she straight from one relationship to another in under a few weeks.

    @ Sirius, If you like be there 'yaaaying'. Better fly over and help me pack oh! Hmmmm! We have made the offer for the house we want to buy but all the lagal stuff takes about 6 weeks.

    @ Nice Anon, for the house to be sold we lost £20,000 off the asking price [sigh]! To add to your Nollywood list I also remember Rattlesnake and Domitilla!!! LOL!!

    @DannyB, I will send it off to teh shops and they will think Living in Bondage is an S&M film!!

    @Myne Whitman, I have been reading your stories, gosh talk about gripping!!

    @Rita, I know I will soon start getting a bit sappy about the whole thing but for now I'm just looking for cardboard boxes. Thanks though babe.

    @Shona Vixen, apart from Sirius (I don't care she should fly over and help) anyone in London should not tell me good luck oh! Come and help LOL!!!! Or hook me up with a moving company!!

    @Enkay I pray it does too with all my heart. I don't want drama.

    @Leggy I love ukpaka too, especially with yam and palm oil :) Not yet time to travel but thank you.

    @HYAW, my LOTR voice is more elf princess than dark wizard :)

    @Mizchif thanks babe no shaking God dey!

    @Afrobabe, shebi you are there taking a stand on behalf of my Mum? OK oh........go and find where we will plug in three freezers for 6 weeks!

    @BSNC, the only way those videos would be bought in a Harrow charity shop is if an African comes into a store! LOL!!