I'm not a slacker but I'm tired. I'm a strong Nigerian woman but my feet hurt. For a few minutes I'm going to allow myself to wish that I had a man into whose arms I could crawl and tell how my day was while he rubbed my feet and listened patiently while I ranted about estate agents, bastard solicitors, lost deliveries, weekend long work projects and the vanishing brown sellotape.
I would get my hug, my kisses and a slight admonishment not to call bastards solicitors as it would hurt their feelings. Then I would fall asleep in his arms having found my first moment of peace in the day. Oh well.

We got the house and we will be allowed to rent it while the paperwork is being completed.

I should be exicted but I can't be bothered.

Met a gunshot victim today. Had his left eye and half his skull destroyed by just one tiny motion. I told him that I had never been so close to a miracle before.

Blogging via Blackberry is hard.

I have found all sorts of crap in my room while packing out. It's so bizarre I wouldn't be surprised if I walked through my wardrobe and came out into Narnia.

Baby showers now have online gift lists! How disturbed am I?! I blame America.

I feel a bit better now. Good night and God bless x

Ps dear Myne Whitman, you are 10 times a better writer than the author of a book I tried to read today. It was so badly written, your story deserved whatever money was spent putting that rubbish to print!
8 Responses
  1. TRYBES Says:

    Dont we all need a hug? Hang in there and hopefully the right one will come along pretty soon!

    Congratulations on your new abode..hope you find peace and love therein..

  2. Nice Anon Says:

    LOL @ the book you attempted to read.

    I know moving can be so tiring. Glad you got something now. Good!

  3. Myne Whitman Says:

    Thank you dearest, for that last line. Myne will soon be in print too.

    Hope you're feeling better now. Thank God on your new place, there would be no more wahala by His grace. The guy to rub your feet will surely come soon too. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. LusciousRon Says:

    Pele. Hope you are indeed better. Happy housewarming or waht do they say?

  5. SHE Says:


    Since you can't be bothered, then I'll be excited on your behalf. Yipeeee!!! So nice that you found a house!!!


    Kai! Where did you meet gunshot victim?

  6. tunrayo Says:

    about the new place...we'll be excited enough for you

    thats why im so scared to read a new book. the last one i attemped was crappy crap

    i always thought (and still think)that gunshot wounds were cool (God forbid that i be on the receiving end)

  7. Rita Says:

    I can imagine...please spend more than just minutes in your wish...sorry about your tiring day.

    Thank God for the survivor of the gunshot! That is indeed a miracle.

    LOL @ "It's so bizarre I wouldn't be surprised if I walked through my wardrobe and came out into Narnia..." Hope you dont get to take so much with u to the new house.

    Take it easy dear.

  8. Enkay Says:

    Pele sweetie!

    We're moving house soon too and I am soooo excited! I know that when the day finally arrives, the drudgery of packing and actually moving may not be as much fun.