Hold fire on the champagne ladies, the second house has fallen through. They were trying to play a sharp move on my Maternal Unit and she has called their bluff. Basically we were going to rent from them till the legal stuff was complete and we officially 'bought' it. Then at the 11th hour when we called to ask for the keys to come and clean the house they said, "we won't give you the house till you complete".

Well my Mum said they could piss off, she's not buying again. So we are still moving out this Friday but to a storage facility and I will be gloriously homeless.

You have to love life.

In other breaking news, after five blood tests and an ultrasound, the doctors had nothing new to tell me. No explanation to my harsher symptoms. If anything, the cysts have reduced! But no monthly dooda. That pissed me off more than the house. I wanted answers to my freaky womb issues. I was so wound up, I came and slept. The thinking had tired me out.

I woke after 40 minutes (power nap) prayed, had a cup of tea and watched Phineas & Ferb and felt better. God dey (as always).

My friend (of the 4month courtship) is in town to buy some wedding stuff. Please bloggers help me and thank God. The bridesmaid dress she wanted us to wear was not in stock or something. Phewwwwww. It has that skirt that is pinched in places and looks like a duvet (Americans read: comforter) or some kind of bedding, you bring out when you have house guests. Nooo way! I used sharp sense and said I would help her look and found a classic elegant design which hopefully should be in stock.

In my Narnia bedroom (see former post) I found my First Holy Communion pictures. My Maternal Unit had put my hair in one bunch and decided to put one hair roller one each side of my head so I could have curls or ringlets (watching too many white kids on tv gave her ideas). She didn't figure that my side hair wasn't long enough, therefore there wasn't enough hair to go around the roller. The end result was hair in half a bend upwards, looking like I had HORNS on the side of my head like a little imp in white!

If I have the guts, I'll put up the picture. Can I sue?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    i hope you find a house soon oh.goodluck.

  2. Myne Whitman Says:

    I'm laughing like an imp myself here. LOL @ little imp in white with horns.

    Sorry to hear about your house situation and the cysts. I think the latter is getting better. Take care and all the best with the house thing.

  3. akaBagucci Says:

    dress looking like a duvet.... only you would make that analogy..

    God dey...all the best with the house and the tests stuffs...

  4. ~Sirius~ Says:

    oh no!!!
    Storage facility!

    Been so worried about you guys.

    It's hard not to be.

    I know Jehovah Loves His daughters- just hang in there.

    Everything will be fine.

  5. tunrayo Says:

    storage facility ke? abeg o

    lol at the bridesmaid dress. thank God twas outta stock

    We'll be praying about the test and the new place

  6. My World Says:

    Hahaha.....sue for???....oh sorry abt da house and your tests,I really hope it works out!

  7. Sugarking Says:

    I really hope u sort out the house issue jare. Goodluck with ur womb thingy too!

  8. Nice Anon Says:

    Na wa o! In this economy that folks are happy to sell? Third time is the charm perhaps?
    Hell no to duvet looking dress. Anyways I assume your cysts are benign? You can have them removed if they are seeing as they seem to bother you.

    I cannot let a single soul see my confirmation pictures with my white

  9. BSNC Says:

    lol dress like a duet, now that is a sight..

    All the best with the house situation. God is in control...

  10. Fragilelooks Says:

    Lol@d dûvet lukn dress.
    @tests: just believe d report of the Lord dat says "by his stripes, U are heald". God be wit u.

  11. Fragilelooks Says:

    Lol@d dûvet lukn dress.
    @tests: just believe d report of the Lord dat says "by his stripes, U are heald". God be wit u.

  12. Enkay Says:

    Ouch! Sorry about the house deal.
    Where will you guys stay?

    hehehe! @ your hair making you look like an "imp in white". hahahaha!
    I can just imagine it.

    Yup! You can sue! lol!

  13. Ms. 'dufa Says:

    U watch Phineas and Ferb????? I'm not alone! I TOTALLY love it.

  14. Vera Ezimora Says:

    You can and should definitely sue. Ah ah!! Wetin she mean sef?!?!?! Imagine the insult!! LOL.

    Oh, the joys of moving into a storage facility - NOT!!

    I hope you feel berra ooo. Have you considered microwaving your stomach? The radiation should kill of anything that is bugging you.

    DISCLAIMER: The suggestion in the above paragraph should be tried at your own risk. I, Vera Ezimora, cannot be held accountable for the results.