Oh so slightly stressed.

Like I said in my last post I wanted more responsibilities at work and now I have it. To cope with my workload I have started coming in early to work but now I'm so sleepy I want to cry.

This morning I get a text that my phone bill is £116!!!! My phone bill never ever passes £35 and that includes VAT!!! Lord have mercy on my soul. Did an alien take my phone?

My friend and her husband breezed through her flat over the holidays and as much as I love her I can see that we now have to move out as soon as possible because she frequently flies into London and we don't mesh well living in her flat. Trying to view houses with my office hours and the Chronicles of Narnia snow we have been getting is proving rather difficult.

Deep calming breaths.

I knew I was getting stressed when yesterday evening I nearly whacked a shop keeper with my bag of fresh okra when he said that not only did he not have spinach but that they had also run out of boiling chicken! Grrrrrr. It was actually quite funny. I need to cook for my Mother oh she is coming back next week, I need spinach people!!! Silly Wembley Park, give me Harrow any day of the week!

We have awards submission deadline next Friday and that I will be working late hours again!!! Plus I have been called for jury duty the week beginning 25th so more work will pile up!!!

I want chocolate (but will definitely not have any) or maybe some vodka !

On the up side healthy eating going well. I have also realised I get very steamed up when I'm not eating stupidly, maybe food was some form of sexual suppressant for me and I'm secretly some wild animal. Who knows?

January is very weird of late. I have lost one school girl, an Uncle and my Mum's aunt. All before the month is half way done. Na wa oh! May their souls rest in peace, Amen.

Also for those of you who were here when I was freaking out because of my Dad and his brothers and all that wahala in the palace, I can happily announce that my family has moved into the new house and out of that poisoned atmosphere of the palace compound. The house isn't completed but my Mum and Dad and brother are working so hard and sorting stuff out. The furniture is in and they sleep there so it's all gravy. I thank God from the bottom of my heart for that.

PS My cousin wife told my Mum that I'm not married because I am picky and waiting for some kind of magic to happen! Chai! I have suffered but I will rant about that later. I feel better now so back to work.
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  1. sorry work is stressful but glad for you that you are doing well with your eating and stuff. =)

    Happy new year to you and yours! Hope you find that spinach girlfriend.

  2. wait, I'm first?

    *doing dance to 9ice's 'Energy' song*

  3. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Life as we know it.

    RIP Yemisi.

  4. leggy Says:

    RIP to the people u lost.
    if i were i'd def take what your cousin said as a compliment cos people say worse.
    im glad your dad stuff worked out oh.
    thank God.
    try and relax oh..dont work yourself crazy.

  5. Myne Whitman Says:

    Abeg relax o, life is too short. I hope you find a place soon. All the best with work and Jury duty too. RIP to the people you lost and the Haitians too. Keep well..

  6. LucidLilith Says:

    Go on girl...rant all you want. It's healthy for ya.

    LOL @the sex bit. Food/Sex/Chocolate ...hard to tell the difference.

    As for more work responsibilities...I hear you. Me and my big mouth told my boss that he did not delegate enough. Next day he whacked me with enough work for months.

  7. Freaksho Says:

    the world HAS gone to sh*t, hasnt it? i mean, you cant get chicken. i mean, thats terrible. we cant get electricity but oh NO, lets not talk about - hey! leave me alone! i have a right to speak! dont drag me away! i'm not done, caramel! i'm not dooooone!!

  8. SHE Says:

    LOL@ food acting as sexual suppressant. Maybe someone should explore that theory...

    Jury duty? You're going to be deciding who goes to jail and who goes home in the courts?

    Remain calm sister...

  9. Nice Anon Says:

    I'm so surprised that you haven't found a place yet. Hopefully soon enough

  10. Afrobabe Says:

    Happy new year sweetie..

    All the best in your house hunt...

  11. CaramelD Says:

    Hi Solomonsydelle, Happy New Year to you too and rock it out LOL!

    @Sirius, it is indeed. May her soul find eternal solace, Amen.

    @Leggy, I trying to relax, but my to do list is not hetting shorter. God dey shah.

    @Myne, thank you ducky.

    @Lucidlilith, you see we are all trying to climb that career ladder, by fire, by force.

    @Freaksho, you dey craze! As in you are totally nuts!! I laughed so hard. If you Madam didn't have chicken for you know, won't you cry?

    @SHE, yes oh! I think someone should actually study that. I'm really serious. No more crap food = sexual deviant. Yup I am on jury duty. I don't know what the case is yet but I want it to be over quick quick! How are you ?

    @ Nice Anon, so many factors in place, not what we want, price, availabilty. I pray we will find and move before Easter.

    @Afro, you are so not being fair, you just vanish anyhow and pop up now and then! I am in withdrawal ;) Happy New Year sweets


  12. Temie Says:

    wow...i'm exhausted reading about this!!! gooodluck with everything darling.

  13. Suru Says:

    May you and your family find comfort. As they say be careful what you wish for lol hopefully you won't be as stressed anymore.

  14. Enkay Says:

    I was actually going to ask about your dad and all the people that were after him.

    Thank God that's settled now!

    Happy New Year!

  15. Muse Says:

    look at it this way: indulging the new craving that has replaced food will probably help you lose more weight. i think. ask freaksho. i guess.

    oh, and thank God for your family. there's absolutely nothing like having a roof over your head that you know you don't owe anybody any explanation for why you should be there. i believe. i mean.

  16. CaramelD Says:

    @ Temie, Temite is that you? Knock once for no and twice for yes.

    @ Suru, Thank you oh jare!

    @Enkay, Baby!! Erm we thank God that we have some physical breathing space but there will be some drama or the other as far as I can see. Trust me I would love to be proven wrong.

    @ Muse, You are too funny. Shebi I should ask Freaksho? I most definately will. Can't wait to have that conversation. I am very grateful that we have moved. Hopefully I will soon see the new house when I go to Naija.

  17. Rita Says:

    i know those stressful days (if today is not one of them :-))

    Sorry about your loss. Abeg no more...

  18. AlooFar Says:

    ... and what did your mum say? ;)

  19. Writefreak Says:

    Oh so sorry your work is being stressful at the moment but i guess everyone has times like that...i'm sure things will lighten up again soon.
    And no aliens using your phone i'm sure :-)

    Happy new year!

  20. Temie Says:

    knock knock, who is there!