There is no Internet in the flat and I'm not at work so I'm feeling out of the Internet loop! Just wanted to say hi to everyone!!!

PS Jury service is less about the law and more about the waiting. I've been waiting but it's all good. Tomorrow should be the jackpot!! I will be all grown up and justicey and a serious mature individual.

PPS In total God has seen fit to call to him 5 members of my extended family this month alone. It's a big shock but I pray that their souls fly up on angel's wings.

PPPS God bless 24! They gave Freddie Prince Jr a job ;) I'm sooo exicted that Season 8 has started. I love Jack Bauer whooooooooooooooooooooooppp!

I found out recently that a lady considers me some kind of threat to her relationship. The truth is the complete opposite and while I feel bad that she might be worrying, I'm also very thrilled! I am considered dangerous! How fabulous!! I always feel a bit wallpaperish (does that make sense?) and not out there in the sexy woman seduction so for me to be minding my own business and be told that I am making people uncomfortable ...............IS A GREAT COMPLIMENT!!!

Have a great week xxx

A few posts back, I spoke about this guy and how he was working my last nerve. I tried to be patient but after a conversation where he wanted to know how many men I had slept with, I told him his conversations annoy me and I stopped picking his calls. This was before Christmas. So why is this moo moo man DAPO sending me a text message with a picture of his penis attached! Chineke!!! I have suffered! The title of the message was actually "All this could be yours if you are lucky". In which dimension??? My phone feels violated. What, did he think that I would look at the picture and immediately give him a call? Stupid fool!
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  1. LucidLilith Says:

    get on ya bad self! dangerous ... lol. I feel u r just as dangerous as a cute kitten...puurrrrrrrr....

  2. Myne Whitman Says:

    Femme fatale! LOL...

    I hope you get a criminal case for your jury duty and not some boring one..Have a great week.

  3. akaBagucci Says:

    err...guess we can say yay!!! for the sly-ly segxy.. :)

  4. ibiluv Says:

    go on with your bad self

    dangerous cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sugarking Says:

    Ah, abeg calm down o. don't let the woman develop bad bele for you o!

  6. SHE Says:

    Its kinda hard to imagine your "dangerous self" doing serious jury duty...LOL

  7. CaramelD Says:

    Hi guys! I'm on a pay computer in the jury room and my coins have finished :( Will comment soon. Big kisses xxx

  8. ~Sirius~ Says:



    If you are lucky?

    WTH mhen!!!!!!!


    Jury??? huh?

    Switched jobs?

  9. Sting Says:

    Ahh!!!! OMG. He's just a first class idiot.

  10. Myne Whitman Says:

    I don't believe that! Mature men do that sh*t? Name and shame indeed. Would serve him right if you put the pic on billboards. pschewwww.

  11. leggy Says:


  12. LucidLilith Says:

    Chineke! Penis photo? Now IMO unless a man as a penis made out of real chocolate and vibrates too...he aint special. Shio.

  13. mizchif Says:

    Chineke God of Africa!!!

    Why do i have a feeling i know this guy.
    A DAPO i met in LONDON also sent me such a picture infact i did a post about it when it happened last year. I am like 95% sure it's the same person infact because he sounds just as foolishly conceited as this one!

  14. F Says:

    LMAO... So this Dapo guy has established his "penis sharing" MO??? lol... If he is the same person as Mizchif errrm... "encountered" then he needs to do better.

    On a more serious note, though... Losing loved ones tends to put things in perspective. It's only January and some people are already no longer with us... Just heard some shocking news myself... The best we can do is live each day as best we can...

    AND NAME AND SHAME FOOLS WHILE WE CAN... You only live once, right?

  15. SHE Says:

    May be you should put up a picture of him AND the Penis somewhere on the internet and send him a link.

    What NONSENSE??!!

    I hope you're not traumatised or anything?

  16. Suru Says:

    All the people I know that have been called for jury duty never actually made it to the court part... rip to your family members

  17. Freaksho Says:

    he sent you a picture of his...i mean, he actually posed and took a picture of i mean, what facial expression are you supposed to have on your face while doing that?

  18. ManCee Says:

    Sorry to hear about ur loss. FIVE!!!

    Meanwhile, that guy of yours...gimme his house address. I have this fellow in miami who does odd jobs for me...

  19. so sorry about your loss...

    Um, mr. "all this could be yours..." well, no comment other than he is super desperate!

  20. CaramelD Says:

    @LucidLilith, haba! Please stop trying to destroy my newly acquired rep :)

    @Myne, You got your wish! I am on a criminal case and it is dragging!!

    @Leggy, that's right...I'M BAD!! RIP Michael Jackson.

    @DannyB, there was no need to say err, doubt not oh wise one.

    @Ibiluv, I'm high fiving you over the internet!

    @Sugarking, I was hardly ever near them, so I can't lay low when I'm already IN MY HOUSE!!

    @ SHE, the sexy siren gets left at the court door step. Once inside I am sedate and mature (well I try).

    @Sirius, come and see oh! See life! I haven't switched jobs, just doing my by force civic duty.

    @Fragilelooks, compliment by force!

    @Sting, yes oh! I agree x10. How are you doing?

    @Myne, the billboards don't need that trauma oh!

    @Leggy, wow indeed. I nearly fell off my couch.

    @LucidLilith, .......I think I saw a chocolate penis once. Now where did I see that............?

    @Roc, yes indeed.

    @Mizchif, please drop me more details at so we can cross reference.

    @F, sorry for your loss. I fagree with you a 100%. 2010 shouldn't be wasted at all.

    @SHE, Me, traumatised? no! My phone is though :) I have nothing against seeing men naked but it is generally assumed that they are the apple in my eye not random peeps ! That is the last time I try to be spontaneous and give a guy my number! Mschewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    @Suru, I am well and truly in the court part and it's not as sexy as it looks on TV.

    @Freaksho, No face. Just waist to knees.

    @Mancee, thanks. I will save on your guy in Miami for all the big stuff. This guy is small fry.

    @Solomonsydelle, thank you. He is and probably thought he was being smart! Hmph. how are your little ankle biters? LOL!

  21. Anonymous Says:
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  22. So this is what they call sexting...hehehe.

    I am sorry for your losses though...maybe their souls rest in peace.

    (Sorry, it feels wrong to mention these two topics in the same comment).

  23. BSNC Says:

    hahaha the dapo dude needs to be eya your poor eye have to see that..

  24. bob-ij Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOL >>>> ALL THIS COULD BE YOURS?? The nerve and the horror. Ppl are so rude. Someone bbmed me a picture of a naked guy. WHY? Lol @ liking that the girl finds you a threat.

    p.s. Sorry for your loss. Thank God you are strong and handling it well.Amen may they Rest in Peace.


  25. Nice Anon Says:

    Oh wow! What is it with men and sending pictures of their penis? Na wa o!!!

    Anyways just take it easy with the woman o. Just don't pay attn to anything she says really.

  26. LusciousRon Says:

    Stupid fool! You should email that picture to everyone he knows! Just so they know how foolish he is.

    Good luck with jury duty hope your decision will be easy.

    Dangerous you? Hmmn