I will be on my way to Naija. Guess what my airport reading of choice is.... Yup! It came in the post this morning. I told Myne that I most have it before I travel. I'm trying to respect myself and not start it yet but it is so hard!
I'm waiting for the day when I travel home without the normal mixture of joy and worry. Joy because you will see loved ones, worry about packing.
So ridiculous. The pressure I put myself under, do I have all my make up and toiletries? Enough shoes? 'Gifts' to give people? In fact that one is null and void. I am so broke it isn't even up for discussion. That won't stop people looking at your hand waiting for the present to magically appear LMAO!
Lord, they day I will fly home without stress. The day I will fly home without half my baggage allowance being hijacked by my Mother..... :)
The good thing about Blogger is that you can say stuff you can't say normally so here goes....THE NEXT PERSON THAT SAYS DON'T COME BACK WITHOUT A HUSBAND IS GOING TO GET SLAPPED!
Aaaaaaaah better.
I tell you, I can't wait for the sunshine! Real African sunshine that will roast you like boli! We have been deprived here oh, to the point that one of my students called me a Latino. Chai!
I also can't wait to see my family and friends and give them a big hug! Phone calls only go so far jo! I must also go to the beach and the movies so that people can clap when the movie ends hahahaha!
PS My blog is going to be three next month, any ideas on how I can mark the occassion?

19 Responses

  1. Beulah! Says:

    Nice blog!..cant believe u are praying for this our hot sunshine

    Welcome back dear

  2. Myne Whitman Says:

    Now you have just upped my excitement, seeing A Heart to mend up there. Hehheheehhe...

    Enjoy your trip dear and yeah, slap me but....don't come back without a ....


  3. bsnc Says:

    Have fun dear. Bring a husband oh heeheh. i kid

  4. LucidLilith Says:

    Don't come back without.......
    eating Suya!

  5. akaBagucci Says:

    err... don't come back without a........ tan :) enjoy the trip..

  6. TayneMent Says:

    Don't come back without a ....boyfriend! teehee

  7. Sugarking Says:

    lmao @ "THE NEXT PERSON THAT SAYS DON'T COME BACK WITHOUT A HUSBAND IS GOING TO GET SLAPPED!" Sis abeg u can borrow both my palms jare. lol

  8. ~Sirius~ Says:


    Doing the Moonwalk.

    See you on the other side!

  9. Afrobabe Says:

    Dammm I am so jealous I absolutely hate you...

    Will you still be around this weekend??

  10. rethots Says:

    "...SAYS....COME BACK WITH... A HUSBAND IS..." hmmm, art thou proposing to me?

  11. SHE Says:

    Why you no go carry gift come for the whole country? After all, you have stayed a long time in the white man's land and you now have plenty plenty money!!!

    LOL! Safe trip!

  12. Oh, have a fantastic trip! I'm so jealous as I hear you talk about all the wonderful things you'll be enjoying. In fact, it was cruel of you to mention boli...I ate as much boli as possible when I was there last.

    Hmm, how can you mark year #3? I don't have any good ideas o!

    Is that a picture of your workspace? I like the patriotism!

  13. CaramelD Says:

    @MBLS, thank you. I will.

    @Beulah!, Thank you for dropping by, don't be a stranger. PS if you saw our grey skies you would understand why I'm craving sunshine :)

    @Myne, I will pose with your book in the airports and on my flights and it will be a form of guerilla marketing. PS Chai, you have joined them!

    @BSNC, I am currently looking for my slipper to beat you and Myne.

    @LucidLilith, keeping it real mehn! Or grilled catfish?

    Thank you DannyB, yes I need a tan and Vitamin D pronto.

    @ Taynement, so this is now a blogsville free for all? OK oh, I am coming for all of you!

    @Sugarking, Word!

    @Sirius, yay!!!

    @Afrobabe, no sweets I fly on Friday morning. Where have you been oh? Missing you seriously!

    @rethots, Nope.

    @SHE, thank you sweeets.

    @GNG, I will think of you while I'm eating it ;) PS Yes that is my work place, my colleague got the cards for me :)

  14. ManCee Says:

    Did someone say gifts?
    Bera bring mine too or else...

    To celebrate? Come to naija...make we spoil you silly with "booli and fish or groundnut" , sorry, I meant 'peanuts'

  15. Afrobabe Says:

    You should be in Naija now...sob sob...

  16. Muse Says:'s not a small thing coming back home (even from a state away from your's) and everybody thinking the solution to their problems has arrived!

    Latino? Hmmm...

  17. CaramelD Says:

    @Mancee, I forgot boli oh! Ube and corn took over for me.

    @Afrobabe, Girl I don ome back oh!

    @Ibiluv, it was Naijaliscious!

    @Muse, as in!