Kiss me.


Kiss me, I'm serious.

Where the hell did that come from?

Well, it's all I've been thinking about. Some of my mind was focused on planning the party, but the rest has been focused on your lips. Lord, who knew drinking Ribena could be erotic? You might have single handedly messed up my childhood memories of that drink.

Whoooosh! you're nuts.

..and you're blushing. I bet you hate your skin tone during moments like this. Just come closer and kiss me, one little kiss. I won't bite. I want to taste you, the Ribena and that new pink lipgloss thingy you've started using of late.

You noticed my lipgloss??!!!

Yup, I've noticed your lip gloss, and how you keep your portions of sweets for your brother..well apart from the truffles. I've noticed how you wear small earrings on the days you work out and I've noticed how you use a mixture of charm and cunning to keep our project under budget. I've noticed too many things when it comes to you. Now stop changing the subject and come here and kiss me.

I'm not moving.

Why? I thought, that maybe.....well I thought there was something..? I'm sorry. You must think I'm a right prat.

Yes, yes, yes. There is something but I think it's safer for me to have the table between us.


Well, if we start kissing I might not ever want to stop.

Oh. Ohhhhh. That's a risk I'm willing to take.

23 Responses
  1. TheRustGeek Says:

    I would smell gist.... But then what do I know.. Ribenna's eternally spoilt for me now.. :)

  2. Myne Whitman Says:

    Who's kissing who? Write more please...

  3. Nice Anon Says:

    Odi egwu! Ele ebe nke a n'eme?

  4. Caramel!!!! More, more, more!!!

  5. Ginger Says:

    I sniff a new romance. Smiles

  6. mizchif Says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, come and tell!!!
    Sounds like he's a colleague no?
    I don't want him to be a colleague!
    But he sounds really nice/flirty/cool
    Me likey.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    OMG OMG OMG! Call me tonight woman!

  8. Freaksho Says:

    Good God, what's going on here? wanton kissing? well, i never!

  9. CaramelD Says:

    Hello my delicious sweethearts! I think I should come clean and make it clear that this is pure fiction! I have never written fiction before so it was natural to think that it may be real! But trust me if something this deep was going on in my office (I wish)you would have had me think and re-think it over and over again right here!! LMAO!!

  10. CaramelD Says:

    PS I got cussed on Twitter when I said it was fiction!! I just had an idea, and really wanted to write it down. To explore what it was like when a need to touch someone you were attracted to, became so strong to overcome what barriers had been there in the first place. With that in mind I might write more. I think my cousin (more on her later) and Myne Whitman are rubbing off on me. What do you all think?

  11. Kitten Says:

    ...and a beautiful piece of fiction it is. Great writing style. Keep it up

  12. NoLimit Says:

    Biko come back here and COMPLETE this gist!

  13. NoLimit Says:

    And after reading all the comments!
    *long hiss* lol you should have seen how my ears got longer! Okay please ehn complete the story... I smell a bestseller ;)

  14. Chizy K Says:

    lovely teaser, i like the fiction and i really like the

  15. Priscy Says:

    great fiction but would be greater if more is added, cant wait to read more. keep it up

  16. LucidLilith Says:

    Kiss him now?!!!!!!!

  17. SHE Says:

    Go ahead and kiss.

    I don't care if its fiction or poetry.

    Just KISS!!!

  18. Segun Akiode Says:

    ...nice suspense filled post. Great with the fiction, it was so real!

  19. LovePaprika Says:

    as in I am really with myne whitman on this o! write up girl!!!!

  20. CaramelD Says:

    God bless you all for your comments! OK!! I'll take the challenge and see what I can whip up. Hope you all have a great week x

  21. ManCee Says:

    I like.
    *broad grin*