Have you ever had your parents tell you to be someones friend by force because they know their parents or are related in some way? Isn't that the very best way to make sure your eyes don't even jam the person? It's just cringe worthy!

So when I started boarding school, and my Mum told me to look out for two sisters who were related to me in my new school, I just rolled my eyes. First of all the oldest sister was in SS3 (evilllssssss) and the second sister, while my age was four years in front class wise (double noooo). During the year, the oldest sister smiled my way and checked in on me from time to time and I thought OK, she is cool. I had the feeling that if I was in deep doo doo she would step in but she just let me be which I was very grateful for. As for the second sister, I can honestly say a couple of years passed before I spoke to her properly, no mean feat considering that we were in the same dorm!

The more I spoke to her, the more I liked her. She had an easy charm of breeziness and smiles that made her more human than her 'senior' counterparts. My memory isn't helping here but I feel like one day it just seemed normal to always go and see her and hang and chat. In the weekends her corner would always be full. Why? She was telling a story.

It might be a book or a film she had seen during the holidays but there she would be recounting it scene for scene or chapter for chapter. Hands waving in the air, face alight with expression, sometimes we would even get different voices thrown in for effect. She was so good at this that twice later on when I watched two films I had never seen before, I had de ja vu because I could swear I knew the characters and scenes. It would only be later that I would realise that it was because she had told us about it at school. Her talents also went to writing and drawing. I still have birthday paintings that were perfectly created from quite dodgy secondary school paint sets (ahem).

We left school, went to uni and I count her as my sister and know for a fact that my adult life is so much better because she is in it. Even though she went on to forge a career as an Architect, one thing that never died was her love of storytelling, just that now she is writing her own stories. From full scalp exercise books, to word documents, we are now at the point where she is publishing her work and letting the outside world have look and what we have been enjoying since.

I'm very proud of her (even though we have beef because she doesn't give me enough romance lmao!!) because she is putting her dreams into action, unlike a lot of people, me included who just dream and don't have the courage to do something about it. So if you love finding new authors and you have a taste for something out of the ordinary, check out her blog and her book 'The Other Slipper' which is available on every e-reading platform out there and let her know what you think.

PS big kisses to the people who have been looking for me. I dey oh, more gist on the way from my trip to Nigeria.
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  1. ibiluv Says:

    lol at friends we make just cos our parents expect us to be friendly

    sometimes we are glad we did....

  2. Myne Whitman Says:

    That reminds me :)

    And yeah, it takes a lot of guts to put our dreams out there for others to see, and sometimes judge. Well done to Kelechi.

  3. SHE Says:

    *off to check out your "sister's" page!

    Good for you though, that she was so likeable. Otherwise, relation or no relation... hmmph!

  4. CaramelD Says:

    @Ibiluv, Shebi? Especially if we got dragged to community functions and meetings! "Go and talk to such ans such, she is your age". Eeek!

    @Myne, It's not easy oh. More power to you all.

    @SHE, hurrah! Hmmm there are other sides to these types of stories. Once my Mum asked why I don't talk to someone's daughter. My simple response? "Sorry Mum, she's a cow."

  5. RIO Says:

    Hiya, first time here and I connect with this post. Your relative reminds me of me:)
    Off too check her out now.
    You can check me out too at

  6. CaramelD Says:

    @Rio, Hullo! Thank you for checking her out and I will be strolling to your page during my break!

  7. CaramelD Says:

    @Rio, Hullo! Thank you for checking her out and I will be strolling to your page during my break!