At this very moment while I'm writing this post, I'm a little bit irritated. OK, I'm a lot irritated. Also I am annoyed at myself FOR being irritated because I think I'm being silly.

Hang in there with me, this is going somewhere.

All in all these are exciting times in my world. After all our moaning and complaining and worrying, the Olympics have landed on our doorstep and really it is worth the hype. I'm very proud to live in the host city, I'm proud that so far there have been no nasty debacles and it's nice to have all sorts of languages and visitors on the Tube chattering away excitedly in different languages and asking you questions ranging from how to catch a particular train to wondering where I got my nails done.

The opening ceremony was gripping funny and emotional. I do think that without a good commentator a lot of people would have been confused about some of the imagery but it was wonderful. When The Queen turned around in the Bond clip, you could hearing screaming up and down my street (hahahahaha) and Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) was comedic genius. Between Abide with Me with Emile Sande, Beckham in the speedboat, the history of music with the dance sequences, the hot male athletes that all seem to live in the Caribbean and the lighting of the Olympic Torch, I was gripped for 4 hours.

So I should be enjoying Olympic fever, right?

I've also met someone who for the first time in a very long time ticks all the boxes. You would be amazed, how hard it is to find a smart, decent young Nigerian man in this London (who is single, the married ones who want you as the side girl are plenty). It is early days yet, but we cool.

I should be enjoying right?

Can you see why I'm annoyed at myself?

I just feel tired and that is making me feel very removed from everything. After a few horrid months at work, I had one week off, then promptly fell ill with Laryngitis and fever. The doc wouldn't give me any antibiotics and said I should just let it pass through my body! WTH? So I had another week off with that and guilt has made me go back to work but I still feel awful, achy and tired. The cough won't leave me alone either. So I don't know if that is what is just irritating me. I feel very unwell. If anyone has any hints and tips that could help me get my body back, I would be very grateful, so I can go back to enjoying my Olympics/my dates and not be such a grumpy knickers!

PS Recent events have made me realised that my blog is not very anonymous at all, so I'm going to go back to basics with a few changes to get a bit of the privacy back. I'll keep you posted.

Stay delightful xxx
13 Responses
  1. Azuka Says:

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Thank you Azuka, how far?

  3. Sugabelly Says:

    Eyaa. Feel better.

  4. CaramelD Says:

    Thank you Madame Sugabelly x

  5. TheRustGeek Says:

    Ticked boxes sounds like a start..... And hope you sort out the grumpiness soon too...

  6. bumight Says:

    The only thing I remember from this post is that you found a man that ticked off all the boxes!
    Don't be a hoarder of the good Vitamin! Share the gist!

  7. ~Sirius~ Says:


    I really enjoyed the opening ceremony.

    Where's the gist gist gist!

  8. SHE Says:

    I suppose you feel better already?

    I feel you on the anonymity. *sigh*

  9. Myne Whitman Says:

    You must be better now? I greatly enjoyed the opening ceremony too. Now share the gist abeg...

  10. ManCee Says:

    Hmmm...perhaps you are annoyed at "work" got taking you away from the hot bobo.

    Or you are just jealous of the queen and her ties to 007.
    # chuckle#
    Sorry sweetie, hope you get well soon. Hugs.

  11. LucidLilith Says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Someone just found me on LinkedIn. I was like - waaaaooooh.

  12. Ginger Says:

    Hope you are feeling much better. And hope you went to watch one or two of the games at least! I so regretted turning my nose up at the Olympics when all the initial furor was going on.
    Ah well, TV was good enough.

    p.s. please dish on the dish in your life :)

  13. CaramelD Says:

    I have spilled the gist! Thank you Ginger for the title of my post.