Hehehehehehehe. I won't lie, I laughed as I typed the title.

Following up from the last post, we tried to meet up over three weeks and the two dates we were free for, I had to cancel due to work and my terrible memory. In between that time, when he started conversations on BBM and I replied, he wouldn't reply. Apart from that, no other forms of communication passed between both of us.

So fast forward to Monday he stared another BBM conversation and I replied saying I didn't want to get into another conversation where he will vanish, so he said he would call me that night. He called and started off by trying to imply that our lack of communication over the past three weeks was why he wanted to split up. I had to reign in that line pretty sharpish by pointing out that I could pin point the moment when he stopped caring and it was late August. The calls disappeared. I would call and he wouldn't call back. I would send a message on BBM and you can see he has read it, then no reply until two days later.

That's when he started his long politician's talk about he wants an 'adult relationship' (read sex on a plate), and that he can't deal with someone who lives with their family and he can't stay over at night and I can't come over to his. He said the breaking point was when he took me to see Dbanj and that when we got back, I made up my bed for him and went to sleep in my parent's room. (LMAO). That was 27 August I think.

So after he finished talking, I calmly told him, that that is why people find out about each other. If you do not like the fact that I'm in no rush to sleep with you, you should have said it since and bounced your separate way. Why stretch it out, waste my time, and spoil my birthday pictures? I told him he wants his own version of an 'adult relationship' and good luck with his search. I now realised why whenever I bring up my brother and my family, he would brush or rush the conversation. Yes, I am an adult who has bought a house with her Mother and I am proud that after seven years of wahala, we won the right for my adopted brother to live here. If you can't accept me, then piss off!

Gosh, there was so much bullshit on the phone that night, something about and I quote 'he is tired of ACTING like a good boy for fake good girls, like his ex who wouldn't sleep with him but was shagging someone else apparently'!! I used my last patient breath to tell him he doesn't have the monopoly on lying and cheating exs and that he should judge each girl on her own case. I never lied or played games. That is not and never will be my style.

Anyway my people I wished him good luck with his life and dropped the phone. After promptly deleting him on Facebook and BBM, I got a Whatsapp message from him saying 'That was quick'!


I saw this coming a mile off and my affection for him had dried up like the Sahara a while back so I thank God, I'm not upset. I'm more upset that with one major fault, I failed my practical driving test the next morning. So please pray for me to pass on my next try, which hopefully will be soon.

Stay delightful xxxx
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  1. Myne Whitman Says:

    Hmm...baggage! It is not easy but like you said we should learn to deal with the new people in our lives as themselves, and not through the lenses of past experiences. Well, you win some and you lose some.

    All the best with your next driving test.

  2. Trixycae Says:

    I'm still laughing at the line about spoiling your birthday photos. Glad you're not upset babe, you live and learn so that when you find a real gem, you'll appreciate him even more. Big hugs!

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  4. I'm with Toinlicious. Good riddance! What a dolt! Lol @ Sahara and birthday photos. Double lol @ failing your test.

    @Google: These CAPTCHA images have me refreshing several times before I can make one out.

  5. aloted Says:

    Good one! And I love the speed at which u deleted him fast and how u gave it to him on the phone.

    Out with the old , IN with the new...Your man is coming without any drama!

    aww pele...i am sure u will pass ur next test. hugs

  6. aloted Says:

    same here with the captcha images..had to try three times to get my comment in..

    plssss remove it...

    i hope this comment gets

  7. Mikki Says:

    Ha.. I wish the first post I read from your blog had not been this one... now it's as if I am doing olofofo..


    Good Riddance. That has to be the worst type of man to date. smh. Wishing you the best in the search for Mr. Right!

  8. TheRustGeek Says:

    Lessons Learned, a little worse for wear, but wiser from the looks of it.. Keep rocking..

    +200000 for trashing the CAPTCHA

  9. SHE Says:
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  10. SHE Says:

    I think I am more upset about this guy than you are. Mscheeeew.

    What's an adult relationship? May I ask? and why does it make me think of "porn relationship"?

    He should go jare!Haba!

  11. Ginger Says:

    Sour dish has got plenty nerve oo. See excuses!
    He should park well joo make better people see space :)

  12. aeedeeaee Says:

    Who are these people, really?? Adult relationship my behind

    Sigh...sounds like "good riddance" to me.

  13. Nutty J. Says:

    'he is tired of ACTING like a good boy for fake good girls, like his ex who wouldn't sleep with him but was shagging someone else apparently'

    He said that?? Good riddance to bad rubbish!!! Imagine ooooo.

  14. phone sex Says:

    I always enjoy reading you... and for some reason I especially enjoyed it this time. I think it was the cow pats that got me, apart from the sheer hotness of the phone business.
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  15. Dare To Be Says:

    Wow!!! This made me laugh out loud A LOT!!!
    *DELETE*DELETE*DELETE*! He doesn't come close! kmt.

  16. Loving the quick delete. Well done you and hope you do meet someone more sensible.

  17. CaramelD Says:

    Thank you for all your comments! I love them! too funny! I have more to report on the mater *ahem* Watch this space and a blessed New Year!