A five year old me for a five year old blog :)

My blog turned five last June and I didn't celebrate it which was very naughty. It was a rough time in the year and I let it slide, but better late than never! Can you believe I have been yapping my mouth for five years! Whaaat?! That's crazy.

When I started blogging I had just moved to Nigeria for NYSC and I was so adrift. I was miserable because I felt my Dad had forced my hand and had rushed me home when I wasn't ready and quite broke! I was also terribly homesick for London and missed my then object of my affection, my friends and my ordered life. 

It was Sirius who got me into blogging. She was my land lady/ride and die/partner in crime at the time and she used to read blogs and told me to start writing for my own mental health and the lady was right! I also had something to write about because life was just that delicious and crazy. I called my blog 'The Diary of a Lost One' because truly that is how I felt. Not one single external person read my blog then, just Sirius and two of our friends  in Lagos but it didn't matter because it was just so darn therapeutic. I started getting blog traffic when Sirius' new friend *ahem* and future husband, Freaksho linked my url on his blog roll. From then I got linked into this new world and I loved it!! 

Five years have passed and honestly I don't feel lost any more. God knows I still don't have all the answers and I'm making my way in the world but I feel empowered and in control of my life so I believe this new year is a good time to say good bye to the lost one and hello to grown up me :)

My new url is now (but it is the same site) and my blog has been renamed Miss Caramel's Diary. If you still type in it will re-direct you but I would be very grateful if you changed my name on your blog roll to usher in the New Year and celebrate my five years. Come and join the madness, there is plenty Fanta and chin chin for everyone!

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.

God bless!

Stay delightful xxx
16 Responses
  1. SNM Says:

    Happy 5th and happy new year..
    Keeping an eye out for the stocking clad foot.

    May the year be awesome for you

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Happy New Year and thank you very much! I never promised stockings! You had your own stocking agenda from the get go! That's all I'm saying.

  3. TheRustGeek Says:

    To many more years (of evolving) buddy!

  4. CaramelD Says:

    @The Rust Geek, Amen Amen! Say no to blog cobwebs!

  5. lucidlilith Says:

    Ah, I just "wasted" all this time at work catching up with your life. First off - my condolences for the loss of your cousin. Those Dana bastard owners will rot in hell. can you imagine they are now operating again? Na who dem give bribe?

    Also, abeg forget that yeye boy. Na which kain adult relationship be dat? Shio. You dodged a bullet there. Now am off to your new blog.

  6. lucidlilith Says:

    ...which also happens to be the same ... my Chei I have been one too long.

  7. happy anniversary and an even more prosperous new year to you... abeg, reserve my fanta and chin chin you hear? lol

    glad to be here...

  8. CaramelD Says:


    I was catching up on your blog too! Still loving your wedding by the way, it's allowed! I hope you are all settled in with Turtle.

    What still hurts me about the DANA crash is that to my knowledge there was no report into the crash investigation, no answers, no nothing! Then not only to they start flying again, they were awarded best national carrier! What a painful insult! Anyway that is a story for another day.
    With regards to my summer 'romance', you are right I dodged a bullet and there is even more to come on that.

    I did wonder about my 'new' blog but that was funny. Please don't forget to update me on your blogroll :) Thank you for stopping by!!!

  9. CaramelD Says:

    Thank you very much for stopping by. Your Fanta is on ice and the chin chin is free flowing ( we sure know how to party here)!!

  10. caeblogs Says:

    Blogroll updated and Fanta awaited (no chin-chin from me as I overloaded on it at Xmas). Congrats on five and a half years! You know you kind of motivated me to blog. Yes, I started because of my writing ambitions but it was good to have you as backup adviser :)

  11. CaramelD Says:

    @Caeblogs, Waaaiiiitttt a minute. You had chin chin over Christmas? Where was my portion? You know Christmas was my one and only none diet window and the opportunity is gone *cries*.

    Thank you for such lovely words. I'm feeling all emotional. Your blog is super polished professional stuffs as you prepare to take over the world. I can't wait to go on TV when you are big and famous and say I inspired you ;D

  12. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Yaaay! To the .com

    Life is a journey with different stops.

    On to the next one...

  13. Enkay Says:

    Happy New Year, Happy New you!!
    Let me go and take a look at your new "corner of cyberspace" *wink*

  14. Enkay Says:

    Oh, I must have read that wrong! lol! Assumed that the new URL meant you'd moved from blogger to another blogging platform.
    *covers eyes*

  15. CaramelD Says:

    @Sirius Hurrah! Thanks babe.

    @Enkay, You were not the only one! I think my words were misleading, so I have edited the sentence. Happy New year!!

  16. Ginger Says:

    See cute you! Go and collect royalties from Coke for this advert jare.

    Congrats on going .com and here's to a bigger and best of the rest of the year :)