Oh Lord in heaven I am sooooooo tired, I am in an epic battle against the sweet lull of closing my eyes and putting my head on the table. Now usually I don't like seeing would be clients alone but I would happily leave the office right now just so that it would keep me awake and alert as one cannot afford to drool and fall asleep in front of big money paying clients.

I WANT TO LEAVE THE OFFICE!!! Partly because of my sleep deprivation and partly because there are errands I want to run outside the office which are near my clients and partly because if I am sleepy and only doing administrative stuff that's when the temptation to go on msn comes in. On that note though I do have to say that I have been quite strong of late when it comes to you know who (no stupid not Lord Voldermort). One of my birthday resolutions was to realize that Hollywood doesn't happen in real life and you have to harder and wiser. So therefore, no more mooning over people you can't have.

(PS talking about guys that I have a soft spot for, I've been on the phone with one of them lately and he tells me he is coming home for Christmas and he has to see me for a visit or else!!! I'm thinking "for my sanity I will not be staying in your home overnight thank you very much, I've just remembered how sexy your voice sounds!!!!" One day when I'm over the mortification I'll talk about my extreme moment of madness.)

Anyway I digress, THE LOST ONE HAS FOUND SOME LOST POUNDS. Nope not the monetary kind, the flabby kind. I do believe I'm putting on weight. Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggghhhh. Sad but true. So much for Nigeria helping me shed a few pounds. I really feel that it's creeping back up. I'm not sure why, not enough fruit ? (I'm scared after the whole typhoid thing), or inactivity or whatever I don't know. All I know is that my kangaroo pouch (lower abs to you) is bigger.

I need to re think this whole body thing because one thing I've learnt with myself is that even though I'm not going to be slim, I do need to make sure I don't go further down the slippery slope. So let's reach into the Jane Fonda inside all of us and feel the burn! Luckily Phoenix has a stepper in the house which is currently covered by a light layer of dust. I will have to drag it out and step for victory.

I am a firm believer in inside exercise, I do not feel any great need to put on faded joggers and start jogging on the streets. NO WAY JOSE. Apart from gated communities and estates, when was the last time you saw a hefty person on the road??? Exactly. The trick is to kill yourself at home or in the gym, then when you get to a level where you no longer freak yourself out, then you're on the road!!

I didn't jog outside in England and I'm definitely not going to bother here, between the mad drivers, the random hawkers, the drivers driving on the wrong side of the road, the possessed bus drivers, the motorcycle drivers that speed like they are running from debtors and the agitated pedestrians I would be a wreck.

I also think a detox would be a good idea, I'm full of crap, so bring on the green tea and water.......

Another thing by the way, I always thought that if I came down to Lagos I would find some tried and tested recipe for system flushing and weight loss, well I'm still on that journey of discovery :) Until then it will be the good old fashion way.
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  1. Oh my word, I can't stop laughing!! I haven't even finished the post yet but I'm convulsing. I love your writing, it rocks!!! :D