Oh can you hear the wedding bells ?? My boss got married on Saturday not too far from my house. I wanted Phoenix to come with me but I think she gets jittery at weddings. She says she doesn't like all the long drama that comes with planning it and trying to keep everyone happy which you actually have to multiply by 10 in relation to Nigerian weddings. No joke, serioulsy I know some people who would rather fly to London and get married beacuse if you add their flight tickets and stuff it is still cheaper and less hassle than a full blown Lagosian society wedding.

Anyway, after I dragged my body out of bed I realised I wasn't going to be able to make the church , but the good news was that my esteemed landlady had decided to come so we did some Saturday cleaning and was in the shower quicker than you can say " I do ". I was going to wear a traditional outfit, a two piece in dark blue that is so lovely and everything was going fine, until I bent over to pick up my handbag and then RIPPPPPPP, there goes the zipper.

Well I am usually one to be calm and cool, but I wasn't at that moment, NO SIR!! So Phoenix is like well wear your brown dress, and i'm like "the boobs, the boobs ", good enough for a night out, but I'm not sure about a wedding so we ran around the house looking for something cream or brown to wear under said cleavage exposing dress. Phoenix found a vesty thing which on me was a boob tube, but it worked and we were off.

We got there and the Mass was over and they were taking pictures. Phoenix then pointed out that it was a good thing I was wearing the dress as that made me look on par with all the other chiquitas that were there. After my requsite neck stretching to see the couple (looking resplendent in tux and glowing white taffeta) and taking pictures with vendors that hand around and bring it back to you in 2 hours, we went in next door for the reception.

Thank God is was very speedy, you know? No loooooooooong speeches or convulted madness, that I'm sure was on direct orders from my boss. Talking about my boss at one point he looked so pensive and deep in thought and I wasn't the only one that noticed. All I thought was cheer up mate, leave it for today and just enjoy the moment!!! On a lighter note, his MC, was cracking us up, he had the whole room in the palm of his hand it was mad!!! Joke, after joke, after joke it really was the making of the whole thing, and to think the guy is a banker !!

I'll have one rant and then I'm done, the couple wanted to have a slow dance first before the requisite disco madness where guests come and spray you with money. The singer in the band has made the announcement explaining this non-Nigerian thing of having a romantic moment before the hurly burly and still THREE PEOPLE came up to them to spray them then sway with them in time to the music, I mean honestly what am I going to do with my people????
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I hate it when my Zipper gives way. Why does it always happen at critical times? Nice blog though, youre very descriptive

  2. bumight Says:

    lol, @ the wedding spraying. nice one!

  3. CaramelD Says:

    I would like to say a big welcome to my first ever comments from people I don't know !!!!! Remain blessed !!!