I have finished the fliping NYSC and I tell you, I have never had a greater more profound sense of an anti-climax as I do now!! I'm not sure but I thought I would feel better than I did. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to God for getting me through this (the phrase blood, sweat and tears come to mind) but as i held that certificate in my hand I felt like a firework that didn't go off properly and has been left to sizzle in wet grass.

A lot had to do with atmosphere, we had to report everyday to the parade ground for a week so the marchers and band could practice and the rest of us (all 5000 of us) would just hang around while the sun beat down mercilessly. Then the day of the parade, I nearly got kidnapped (will tell you later) and was in the full throes of my period and just f*£king exhausted. I do want to celebrate but you can't really celebrate on your own can you? My friends are not really in the fun zone right now. Maybe one day it will just hit me that this is a great day to celebrate passing out of NYSC and I'll just go nuts !! A celebration doesn't need a time limit does it? I did throw my uniform away that very day in the bin so that was fun ;)

So now all eyes are on the door and it's now a question of when do I leave??? I have soo much more to write but really that's just going to wait till I have eaten and my brain is in gear..........
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