I make a solemn vow that from now on before I get out a fancy half revealing outfit, do my hair and fine some ridiculously high shoes to wear all in the name of going out I will make sure of the following:
  1. That all intending parties ACTUALLY serioulsy want to go out and are of one accord as to where and for how long.
  2. That I am in a good enough mood to actually enjoy myself and not be affected by outside influences.
  3. That all logistics regarding transport and and Lagosian night time safety are thought about, and finally:
  4. The unknown X Factor, ie human nature.

That way I won't end up like on Friday night where Pooh Bear (aka Travis) had to babysit me for about two hours in Soul Lounge (nice bar actually). Oh Lord! I felt so bad and I did enjoy myself a bit but my heart wasn't in it because I knew he was upset and worried about another friend of ours who had gone off with a bloke and I didn't have the helping hand of booze (Lent you see). I just thought to myself, well I'm all gusied up by golly and I'm not wasting my yellow top and three levelled gold eyeshadow combo (Tyra would have been proud)!!

Obvioulsy you get that small imp on your shoulder that says "hey babe, if you had a guy you wouldn't be in this situation". I think about it and say maybe you are right but I don't and I'm not going to cry about it, so get the f*#k off my shoulder, you are ruining my hair!"

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