Well it has been awhile, a looonnng while. I have been away for a while, first I was in the VILLAGE , seeing my family and now I'm in freaking London!!! Yes I travelled two days ago and wowee I can't believe it. The thing is it was so much drama saying goodbye and explaining why I was leaving that I didn't even think I would make it, so I'm still absorbing being here. The one thing I do know for sure is that


For a year, I've been totally used to living with her and already the difference is way noticeable. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I want to stuff in a dustbin and beat her up but the truth be known I do miss my home girl! So here are a few coping strategies that I have thought up to get me through the initial weeks.....

  1. Hang an overflowing handbag full of earphone wires, ipod cables and zen usb cables, huge sunglasses case, and three tubes of lipgloss to make me think she's around.
  2. Have hardcore hip hop playing in the background of my room, so that I can complain and ask for the ABBA compilation.
  3. Have her famous sayings stuck on the wall in different areas of my room; this includes, "who gives a shit?", "these things do happen", "mchew" and "Audemer Piguet!".
  4. Play late night radio in the middle of the night to remind me of all the times her late night romance calls would keep me up and worm their way into my dreams........

I know I'll see her soon but for the record, she was the best landlady anyone could ever hope for. LOVE YA BABY!!

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  1. Phoenix Says: forgot who currs! lol, it was fun having you around, and i can say i'd do it again, I HATE TAKING OUT THE TRASH!!!!