So hang on a bit, I know that my blog of late has been full of starts and stops and that there is a whole lot of information that I still haven't haven't talked about but I will start writing a whole lot more often.

I was thinking though, if I'm no longer in Nigeria, then is my blog still valid? Am I still lost? Do I need my blog to help me cope hmmm? Do I need to change the name of blog or something? Can I even do it?? These are all serious questions, and any help or opinions are happily welcome :)

I'll tell you what though, I may be in another country but I've still got issues so that never changes, but I'm not lostish, more determined if anything else! Let's watch this place!
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  1. phoenix Says:

    I totally say re-brand, cos u'll still bitch no matter what. that's just life.