I really don't care if this sounds really sad, but I'm soooooooo happy that I'm finally connected to the Internet. There has been a lot of starts and stops and sometimes I found myself sounding like a right dumb blonde. I had asked ex-hottie to help me set up my Broadband, but he had looked put upon (my English fails me) and had suggested I have a go first before disturbing him ( my interpretation not his actual words) so I thought I won't ask again even if my system blows up into 5 gazillion pieces!!!!

Easter was a mix of emotions, I saw my family which was nice and I'll see the rest next weekend, everyone said I looked fab and I must be losing weight when I know for a fact that that stupid needle has not moved one inch in ages. I was missing people in Nigeria but I just got on with things.

It was a friend's birthday on Easter Monday and I tried to make a bit of a fuss because I knew she was packing for a big trip back to Nigeria and was a bit stressed with uni stuff. There was food, booze and chocolate cake. At some point in the afternoon she goes upstairs to embark on this big closure conversation with her flipping ex for two hours and leaves the rest of us downstairs!!! Oh really!!!! I was not amused :(

I just need to get the Microsoft office package and my computer will be totally ready to go!

PS I'm so proud of myself, did not have instant headache when talking about ex-hottie and current girlfriend, I also paid her a compliment when I saw a picture of them, big pat on the back for me !!!

More confessions later, I'm not yet done baring my soul....
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