Today was definitely the breaking point. After spending the past few days in my blue nightgown, hairnet and British Airways airline socks, something had to give. I don't know why but I have been moping around the house feeling listless and a bit aimless.

The weather has totally alarmed me, from hot tropical sunshine to snow, hailstones, freezing temperatures and rain. I would rather stay at home than venture out into the cold unless it was totally necessary like life and death (for example I needed rubber gloves to do the washing up as I had done my nails).

Being home bound doesn't mean that I haven't been busy oh no! Fixing up the home computer was interesting to say the least, unpacking is still defying me even though I have been back a week and there is always the old work. Yep my Mum leaves instructions of what she wants cooked on her way to work and I have it ready by the time she gets back.

Another thing that happily kept me home is getting dressed! Dear Lord!!! It is so difficult to figure out how to clothe myself, it's like my brain has been handling dressing me in Nigeria but is not yet ready to get with the British game plan of socks, tights and layers.

The result of all of this was being home way to much and not attacking my tasks with gusto, not even with a little bit of va va voom. Well today was a low point, especially as you find the highlight of your day was watching High School Musical, 1 and 2 back to back!

So tomorrow I take action, I will put up on this blog my to do list of 2008 to make sure I don't lose sight of my goal. Also tomorrow I will go to ex-hottie's house and get the Microsoft Office CD and I will go out in Central London and meet some of my MA friends who are leaving the country. I will be active and I will be social and find jumpers to wear even if it kills me! I didn't fight everyone I know in Naija only to come back and mope, NO SIR!
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