Woooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooo!
Conga Line!!!!

We totally kicked ass last night! Praise the Lord! Alleluia! Alleluia, Amen!

To recap, I work for a Marketing Dept in a Further Education college in London. So last night was our Oscars so to speak. We were up against other colleges and big big universities (whose marketing and PR budget is nearly 10 times our own).

So for the three entries we were nominated for we won awards in all three! Wooo hoooooooo! You have Gold, Silver and Bronze. So we won Gold in a tough category where we were the only college and 9 flipping universities! When they called our name our table went nuts! Could not believe it! So that was for Integrated Regional Campaign. We won Bronze for Print Media (very happy I had to write the nomination entry, 2500 of full blown English) and our boss won Silver for Marketeer of the Year.

That's how we carried one trophy and three plaques to work today (but we came in late shah, we left the venue at 12.30am). That validation feels soooooooooo good, especially as it is a UK wide competition. Sooooo PARTY OVER HERE!!!!!

Ironically we had the dinner and awards ceremony at the Royal Courts of Justice and I thought 'this is the closest my Dad is ever going to get me in court' LOL.

In other gist since I have joined Fatbusters I will change my weigh in day to coincide with their own so I weighed myself this morning and guess what...I had lost 1kg !!! Even though it's not yet a full week!

Freaky Bridesmaid Diet/Week 5 = 1 kg

I need more exercise, so went to get a new sports bra. Gosh it was so complex. They had grades for different strengths of bra. 1 - 5 Imagine! There was a chart at the back of each packet, the type of complicated chart that Danny B would love. Eg If you are 32C and want to do yoga then level 1, if you are 34B and want to horse riding (gini?) then level 3 etc etc! Na wa oh! I spent time in that store scratching my head for real. The worse part is that poor me 36F, everything apart from gentle stretching was Level 4, Level 4, Level 4! Foolish and ingredients!

So that is how one sports bra was £28! Lord have mercy! I didn't have a choice oh! Have to get one before you are doing kickboxing lessons and your chest nearly takes out your eye all in the name of losing weight!

Please pray for me oh, I have two places I need to be tomorrow one is in Luton, one is in London, no car, just trains and my leggedes benz. It's loooong man! Chai! This time next year I am driving , na aha Jesu Kristi, Amen!
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  1. Cool.. good for you then.. Your team must be full of overacheivers to do all that on a shoe string budget..

    You lost 1 kg! Cool.. Er so what have you done differently this week? You know I am collating best practices for my own assault on the bulge!!!

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Doing what i have been doing since Oga, 80% protein, 20% Carbohydrates. water, water and more water. If I can step up my exercise then I will be laughing all the way to the bank. Like I said before you just prob need a bit more exercise. Do you drink beer? Beer is a gut killer for real.

  3. CaramelD Says:

    PS DannyB, how quick were you to catch this post by the way? You dey sleep?

  4. LOL.. Only 10.30pm.. Still early days in my world! And no i don't drink anyhtinng stornger than coca cola -- which is probably bad too!!!

    P.S. The post was actually meant to look at the humourous side of the bulge fight.. Its not quite as serious as i madeit out to be o!!!!!

  5. RocNaija Says:

    GO! Team Caramel!
    Good stuff.. I bet the sense of fulfilment is overwhelming..

    So are you coming off the Freaky Bridesmaid Diet and doing a FatBusters one instead?

    And this your 80% protein & 20% carbs.. is that like a bowl of cow leg, beef, ponmo, and things.. with one loaf of wholemeal bread?

  6. CaramelD Says:

    No no no, Mr Roc, I am still on FBD but I have joined the Fatbusters competition. No matter what happens there this chic is in for the long haul. There is nothing as lovely as sitting at me desk and pinching the flappy material now on my trousers :)

    You and your cowleg should siddon jare! More on the veg, less on the bread.

  7. My World Says:

    Congrats,you go girl.

  8. hehehe@ Roc Naija ...boy you crazy!

    yes o more on the veg!!

    welll done for your team winning you sound very excited.

    so Luton to London on train?

    Hmm I used to do that journey every weekend... you'll be fine hun ..well depends what part of London you got to get to from luton's around an hour from Lewisham I think anyways have a lovely weekend

  9. Afrobabe Says:

    hhahhahahah @ ur boobs nearly taking out ur eyes...true talk.
    congrats on losing 1kg.I am right behind u..

  10. Tairebabs Says:

    Congrats that is really a great achievement for your team.

  11. Buttercup Says:

    congrats on ur victory o! I can totally smell ur

    and well done with the weight loss! yay!!!!!! :D

    so how did ur journey go? yes o, u WILL get that car, amen!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I dont know why but this was uber funny and infectious!

  13. BSNC Says:

    Congratulations thats a wonerful news.

    lol leggedes benz.. you will be fine :)

  14. ~Sirius~ Says:


    Babes, I wish I was losing all that weight!

    I stepped on a scale recently and I was horrified!

  15. mizchif Says:

    Congratulations dear!

    lol @ d image of ur boobs knocking u out! All the best with ur weidht loss programme. I also follow u to say a big AMEN to that car prayer. I've come to join u guys in ur trekking and busing tho.

    I soooooo love the new template/layout. It's so fab. I wish i'd found it first, infact i want to steal it!

  16. Smaragd Says:

    Danny B- Best Practises huhn? that's an SAP term, u into that?

    CaramelD mi owon, congrats on the loss of that 1kg jare, I admire ur persistence and it will pay off believe me.
    did u say 36F? omg! now u just made me feel bad about my ninnies!

    Your car cometh babe, just write a post on the car u want, brand, model, license plates and all, tell God and see if it won't come to pass.

  17. Smaragd Says:

    and hurray for ur company! that's whatsup jare.

  18. Muse Says:

    I simply love it when the least expected steals the show. Go team!

  19. Shubby Doo Says:

    well done on your wiehgt lost...the fatbuster's team things sound like a good idea

    lol @ the sports bra shopping episode...but £28 ke?...sounds pricey...i guess it's an ok especially if needs's for a good cause...your cause =)

  20. CaramelD Says:

    @ My World, thank you I was rocking to the music mix on your blog yesterday :)

    @Miss Fly High, I didn't go to Luton again there was train wahala. It can be done shah but it's not easy.

    @Afro, how you dey babe? I've been missing you oh true talk!

    @Tairebabs, thank you oh! Na God.

    @ButterC, Amen Amen! You can help me pick the car.

    @Temi the Mighty, laugh jare, nothing do you.

    @BSNC, with leggedes benz at least I will be burning calories.

    @Sirus, you know I think your body rocks, why the horror? OK have you picked up the skipping rope?

    @Mizchif, You own template is very sexy so why are you eyeing my own??

    @Smaragad, LMAO! It was not my intention for you to not love your 'ninnies'! Amen to the car!

    @Muse! Thanks ! Whoop whoop! How are you?

    @Shubby Doo, I have launched the expensive bra and I cannot lie it's like a security system for my chest LOL

  21. Enkay Says:

    Yay! Losing 1Kg is a huge step. Just keep doing what you're doing!

    I can just imagine you guys screaming away your voices after you won those awards. Congrats!!

  22. ManCee Says:

    good for you. Nothing like one's efforts being recognised by the people you work with...did you say the whole of UK?
    Yoo Hoo...Naija no dey carry last...its in our blood.
    Happy for you men, Wish I could see you, carry you sky high and twirl you in the air
    I like hearing stories like these...
    (I'm going off to party ...on ur behalf, lol)

  23. isha Says:

    LMAO at the boobs knocking your eyes out. My mum said something like that a few days ago. How do you pple think of such hilarious things?

    whoohoo! Fellow fatbuster!