So approximately how many frogs does a woman have to work through to average out a prince? Or in plain English, what is the ratio these days for weird/crappy/freaky dates : normal dates? There has to be some kind of scientific formula. There are so many whizz kids in Blogsville, someone must know?

I'm not a Hollywood/Disney devotee, I know real life. I'm not asking for an outing with Prince Charming (we are human after all) but darn! I do not need the kind of situation where you are thinking to yourself, "someone is going to jump out with a camera crew and yell 'SURPRISE' because this cannot be happening to me!"

As the song asks, who really did let all the dogs out??? This is why I stay home, but then my friends shout at me to go out!

I NEED A BISCUIT!!! (I'm not going to have one though).

It's that time of the week . Drumroll.....................

Freaky Bridesmaid Diet/ Week 6 = No Change

I need to increase my exercise serioulsy!(Not Roc's type of exercise LOL) I felt I hadn't lost so I'm not surprised. Drank a lot of alcohol on Saturday and that will hinder all progress. So onwards and upwards!

I am wearing jeans for the first time in six years and I look goooooooood! Next time I will take a picture of my bum and post it. That is how happy I am :)

Drama in my office this week oh! Two crying managers from different units with different issues. Na wa oh! Tensions are running high and Caramel is running to Birmingham. I need a break from London haba. Have a blessed weekend everybody.
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  1. RocNaija Says:

    Lol.. So we seek some wisdom from a nerdish blogger..

    That's good with calculus as well..

    Eazy peezy..

    No worries. I'll have a biscuit on ya!! :-)

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Look Mr Roc, all help is welcome. Maths or English! And stop mocking my deprived biscuit state!

  3. Afrobabe Says:

    Lol…Babe as many frogs as it takes till you meet one that doesn't smell like a rat…

    Keep kissing and smiling...

  4. Chari Says:

    Omo I no know the answer to that one oh...Keep sifting through I guess...

  5. Nice Anon Says:

    lol. Well it takes quite a bit but you don't have to kiss all of them abi? Just observe from a

  6. SHE Says:

    LOL. Someone is sounding seriously pissed!

    Think of it this way, the more real frogs you encounter, the fewer there are to get to the prince. Okay? Okay.

    @ Nice Anon: If you don't kiss, how do you know its not a prince underneath? LOL!!

  7. tobenna Says:

    Whatever happened to all the Jand Awon Boys? I take it they all stay in the Jand?
    Did you get the biscuit?

  8. ~Sirius~ Says:

    LOL@ Tobenna......he he he

    Sweetheart, I say they are all frogs.......

  9. LusciousRon Says:

    Can't help you. Sorry

  10. Hmmm...... Dunno..
    *Goes away muttering to himself; trying to find a collection of key words that may unlock the secret via Google!

  11. Bushgirl Says:

    Lmao @ the camera crew waiting to yell surprise,Ive so been there ! Men are like buses you wait ages, then 4 come along....hold on to faith, get ur bus pass ready

  12. ibiluv Says:

    i'm with keep going till you seperate the real from the fake....

  13. This is too funny, lol, love this post...girl, too many frogs

  14. I think this "meeting a decent partner" business is truly a numbers game. The more frogs you meet, the greater the chance that next guy you meet won't be a frog!

    In other news the fact that I haven't been on a date in a VERY embarrassing amount of time (years, *ahem*) is mildly freaking me out :)

    Give yourself kudos for continuing to enter the dating jungle!

  15. RocNaija Says:

    My type of exercise miss D!!

    I'll have you know it usually involves salsa.. water.. aching muscles..

    Just an everyday night out really..

  16. bob-ij Says:

    LOOOL...frog princes!! Take the pic..that's nice to know. I'm adding a whole lot!


  17. CaramelD Says:

    @Afrolicious, me I don't know about the kissing oh hmmm.

    @Blog Critic, hiya right back!

    @Chari, man pikin don tire

  18. ~Sirius~ Says:



  19. CaramelD Says:

    @ Nice Anon, truth be that!

    @She, why do I get the feeling that you were giggling as you wrote that?

    @Tobenna, ROTFLMAO, you are hilarious! I haven't had the best experiences with the jand men! I did not have the biscuit!!!!!


    @Luscious Ron, no shaking.

    @DannyB, please go and figure it out.

    @Bushgirl, my bus pass is ready, whoo hoo! Loving your metaphors by the way.

    @Ibiluv, alright oh!

    @Lyrically speaking, you have nooooooo idea just how many frogs there are.

    @GNG, thanks dearie.

    @RocNaija, sorry , I have a different form of exercise in mind.

    @Bob-Ij, OK one butt picture coming up.

    @Sirus, I know babe, I FINALLY CAVED.

  20. ManCee Says:

    lets start and givita shot

    *geeky glasses on brdge of nose mode

    Frog1 + frog 2 etc; thus summation of frogs=SF
    Mathematically, The question is :
    "as SF tends to infinity, will it intercept with the prince curve?
    Problem hereis defining the equation and roots of the prince curve and the summation of Frogs curve (any one fit to helep for here?)

    Logically NO, a gazillion frogs cant make one man (much less prince), they'll just be a gazillion frogs.

    Scientifically, the answer is not in the amount of frogs but rather a function of time. Given enof time, a typical frog will evolve into a fully grown homosapien. past experiments show that the 'gestation period' is like a few billion years. My take is YOU wont be doing that kissing. thus answer is ONE frog=One prince

    Religiously, it'll never happen by the Frog-Kiss-Prince mutation model. You are not even allowed to kiss!

    ps:This DOES NOT mean you should turn lesbian. (we've lost waaay too many fine chics to that battle already), just means we need more time to fully study this and revert to tou. Believe me, the Geeks Guild is already on it.


  21. CaramelD Says:

    @ Mancee! Wow! How you could even bring in evolutionary theory into this was fantastic. I was laughing stupidly in the office.

    Don't worry I won't turn lesbian but your Geek Squad need to give me a theoretical model I can work with!

    LOL @ kissing for a billion years!

    PS Do you really have geeky glasses? I have a thing for geeky glasses.


  22. ManCee Says:

    Glad I caused some laughter
    lol @ Geeky glasses.
    No, siree, I got 20/20 vision-but I can don one if it'll make you do the dance
    The boyz are on it...or better still, we may just be able to construct a real life PrinceBot...fully automated and complete with manual and free 3months servicing.

  23. CaramelD Says:

    @Mancee, no matter how bad things get we will not be going down the manbot route. Red blooded man for this girl :)

    I'll get back to you on the glasses offer ;)