Late last year I lamented about problems my Dad was facing with the male members of his polygamous family.  When he got back to Nigeria their accusations came thick and fast, one of them being that he does 'juju' and is behind some of his half brother's failures (if you met these men you would doubt that). 

So one of the results of this is that a particular brother (I don't call them uncles, it's a disrespect to the true meaning of that word) took my Dad in Feb to the cathedral in Onitsha in front of a priest and they both swore not only on a Bible but on the Blessed Sacrament that if they have done juju against anyone in the family may they be struck down etc etc (I will have to confirm the exact wording later).

The guy died last week.

So now some brothers have all rolled into town to plan his funeral and said my Dad killed him. Haba, this one Daddy is busy oh.  He didn't want to go to the Cathedral but did it to calm all the rumours in the palace, now the stupid man is dead and it's still his fault. They can't have it both ways, either he is using juju or he isn't...... My poor Dad I feel so sorry for him. See what an accident of birth can do. I can't wait for the house to be finished so that we can be done with living in the palace with those sorry excuses for human beings.  

See an example, after a meeting was held, it was decided my Dad would turn over all the property still left in my Grandfather's name so that it will all be sold (instead of rented out) and the money shared out right. A committee was formed and now the idiots need certain papers of my Grandfather and don't have it because of the of the really vile ones a few years back vandalised my Grandfather's old office where all his papers have been kept untouched.

Then my Mum called me from home (she is still there) to say that my brother's nanny had been feeling unwell, went for a blood test and was confirmed to be HIV positive! So she went for a confirmation test in the teaching hospital and ran away from there. The looked for her and then she sent someone with her keys and mobile phone saying she was too ashamed to come home. My Mum was out of her mind because she wanted her and the nanny to go to Lagos for anti-viral drugs. So for one week no sign of her. I was praying so badly. She turned up on Saturday, thank God.  I heard anti-viral drugs are mad expensive, but I have my car savings so I will definately contribute. 

I had a headache with all the phonecalls from home this weekend. I also feel a little helpless. I'll get on my kness to pray and I don't even know where to start. I feel OK, then restless, then OK. I wish someone could put a hand on my head and heart and calm both.

In totally different embarrasing news, I got so exicted when Man Utd won the Champions League that I texted both my Dad and Baked Beans to share my glee without thinking. It was so automatic. The shame of it! It was such a natural inclination. Aaaarrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh. I deleted his numbers to stop all this rubbish. My friends are still laughing. Hmph!

Please pray for my parents. Thank you.

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  1. Aww.. Really dramatic I'd say.. All dem half siblings are always wahala.. You'll be fine..

    On a less serious note.. You are a Man Utd fan??? Mscheew!!!!

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Thank you DannyB! Oya if you want us to argue no problem. What team do you support?

  3. QMoney Says:

    Shuuuuuuu!they won premiership not champions league.
    watch out for,hope that made u smile.
    yup,i agree with you that u pray like crazy,it will be well in the end.cheers love

  4. ManU fan???????????? mschewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......

    ill still comment sha.... sorry about the family trouble...pls pray well is well
    as per the nanny, thats really sad.... tell ur mum to educate her on it all so she'd be careful with her blood and all

  5. LOL.. Not sure I have the enrgy for an arguement though.. But I wear my Liverbird on my chest......... All the way!!!!

  6. sting Says:

    Sorry about all the family issues. I hope things get better soon. Its really sad about ur dad. You guys needs to get away fast.

  7. Muse Says:

    it's amazing what families can turn into. just hang in there'll be alright.

  8. Bibi Says:

    So sorry bout it all. Polygamy is a pain in the behind that sticks to everyone involved. But I gotta admit that nollywood really has nothing on ur family. lol. But still, God knows best.

  9. blogoratti Says:

    Real drama i can see..hang in there*

  10. ~Sirius~ Says:

    1 united baby!!!!!!

    As for the drama at home....

    Psalm 91 says it all. Verse 7 to be exact.

    A thousand shall fall at thy side and 10,000 by thy right hand 'BUT' it shall not come near thee.

    May the Good Lord deliver your family- in Jesus Name.

  11. justdoyin Says:

    sorry about the family issues...half-siblings? tell me about them! (my dad has them)...

    May God in His infinite mercies, calm the storm in your family, especially in ur dad's life, n grant u all peace...


  12. Repressed One Says:

    Oh wow! sounds like you all have a lot going on. Sorry to hear it all oh...I hope everything works itself out. God will protect and vindicate his is well.

  13. My sister e go better for you and your fmaily in Jesus Name

  14. Afrobabe Says:

    I think I have been missing for too long…cos first of all who be baked beans???

    My dear, it’s like that situation exists in ever polygamous home….same thing happened to my dad, he was accused of using juju to make himself rich and his half brothers poor…they all forget my dad has a petroleum engineering degree from texas which he got on a scholarship…

  15. Enkay Says:

    The drama plenty no be small. And when it involves death it's on a whole new level.

    I wish your dad could get out of there real fast!

    I'll say a prayer for both of them.

    Meanwhile you take it easy yourself u hia?

  16. pink-satin Says:

    omg!thats a lot of wahala o!prayer is the key especially for these type of issues

  17. LusciousRon Says:

    Sorry love. You really cannot choose your family. I hope things resolve itself soon. Try not to worry too much just keep praying for the protection of your imeediate family memebers.

  18. Naughty Eyes Says:

    All this family drama over inheritances...
    I don't think your Father should pay them any heed. His going along with the swearing thing was enough.
    I'm hoping we don't have any of these issues in my own family when the time comes. In many ways I'm glad there isn't much property in our case to share anyway. They can count me out if any of my siblings try such nonsense.
    And I pray the nanny's situation works out ok....

  19. Naughty Eyes Says:

    Forgot to say: I love your blog template die...

  20. ManCee Says:

    Caramel, Caramel...what shall we do about our naija heritage? NADA, save live with it.
    This is one of those times, I really wish I could pray...nonetheless, my heart goes out to you and yours.
    Stay smiling

  21. Writefreak Says:

    Wow! This is really dramatic! I pray the good Lord will give your parents strength to pull through.
    It will be well with you and your family and God will protect you all in Jesus name

    Really sounds like a film!

  22. ibiluv Says:

    Man Utd.....mscheewwwwwww

    Half siblings....most of dem are horrors

    i'm on my knees for ur folks.....

    all will be well

    nollywood is usually a copy of whats up in someone's family.....

  23. Splash Says:

    when it comes to family matters drama dey plenty.
    i try to stay far away from my dad's side of the family cuz they just looooooooovvvvvve the whole drama thing. especially the village folk.
    bush pple.

    prayer is the key honey. always has, always will.

    will be praying for u also.

  24. Splash Says:

    Man Utd is the club to be with.
    sing it with me "we are the champions..."

  25. ah, when I saw the title of your post, I giggled, but upon reading, this is not a laughing matter at all.

    If there is anything I would say, it is that like everything else, this period will pass. There is nothing your family can do about their ignorant and greedy family members and quite frankly, your father must stop indulging them. Yes, they will talk, but what difference does it make? They will talk anyway. Those who matter know the caliber of your father, and the useless gossip will do nothing to change that.

    As to the nanny, thinking practically, the only thing to do now is to get her on retrovirals immediately. That will help to prolong her life and give her a comparatively good quality of life. Nobody should overt hink here, just focus on what needs to be done. Yous tart think about the extras and you could go mad, and we don't want that.

    With that being said, sorry my sista that you have to endure this stress, but remember that it is important how you get to the other side of these issues. So, keep the faith, stay strong and focused and we will definitely keep you in our prayers.

    Will come back for an update, ok?

  26. Isi Says:

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