Due to popular demand (OK fine only four people) as promised before all the wahala, for the first time in six years, MY BUTT IN JEANS! LMAO!

Taken in the most quiet point in my office building, where no one would find us taking butt pictures ;)

Freaky Caramel got let out today, I had nearly stifled her to death. I can be a sensual person but it gets lost in all my hustle and bustle blah! Not today.... and for that space in time it wasn't about money issues, work deadlines, family stress, corrupt Nigerian policemen or dodgy bridesmaid's hairstyles.

It was just about how good it feels when someone weaves a little special magic.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I was positively purring.
34 Responses

  1. akaBaGucci Says:

    OK O.... We have seen.... Hmmmm.. I comment my reserve!

  2. RocNaija Says:

    A purring kitty cat called Freaky Caramel..
    She should blog more often.. :D

  3. Bibi Says:

    hehehehe. *singing* sexual heallllllllllinnnnnnnggg ooooh. good for you girl. get your freak on. okay, i don't et the jeans part. you don't usually wear jeans or what? why not?

  4. go you! purr on girl. why don't you wear jeans?

  5. BSNC Says:

    Come again first time in 6 years.. babe jeans likes you o.

  6. rock it babe! good to read ur breeding positivity.... have a great week

  7. Sassy Trends Says:

    lol...I comment my reserve...
    Due to popular demand ke?...okay oooo

  8. juiceegal Says:

    Y dnt u wear jeans more often??? it suits more runnin away 4rm jeans for u ok

  9. LoloBloggs Says:

    I love it! These poor men don't even know what to do with themselves!

    Miss Caramel you are rocking that "bubble butt"! ;-)

  10. CaramelD Says:

    @ Ibiluv, right back at you!

    @DannyB, but why now? LOL!!!

    @Roc, ahh the spirit is willing, but the mind is cautious and the body is busy!!

    @Bibi, now I have the song in my head all day!! I got really big in uni and I hated how I looked and it was bleurgh!

    @ The P. Godess, my waist would be Iceland and my bum would be in India,a then trying to shop for them in London was awful.....

    @BSNC, thank you oh jare.

    @Funms, Iwill rock on to the best of my ability, this life won't kill me, Amen!

    @Sassy Trends, yes when it's one more person than me then it's popular. Four is overwhelming!! LOL!!

    @Juicegal, yes maam! Are you on twitter?

    @LoloBloggs, :0) How have you been?

  11. Enkay Says:

    Yay! Aren't we making progress? lol!

    If you look this good from behind.....hahaha!
    I shall say no more!

  12. SHE Says:

    Hey !
    Is this all of you? Or did you keep some out of the camera's view?
    The way you go on about losing weight, I expected you to be M-A-S-S-I-V-E !!!
    Not bad though, from this angle...

  13. Freaksho Says:

    now that there's what we call tightbutt jeans. your truck gets stuck in a ditch, you hook up some cables to that thur jeans and make her walk.pull it right out.
    i see a future in Music Videos.

  14. juiceegal Says:

    Yes i am....think i follow u sef.

  15. Love it! love it! Gimme some more

  16. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Noooooooooooooooo WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!

  17. doug Says:

    Hehehehehe....Caramel has gone gangsta! Lol

  18. doug Says:

    No more comment moderation!!! What happened??! Ol' boy, I've been away far too long.

    I wonder if ~Sirius~ still has hers on

  19. Muse Says:

    hmm...and the unveiling begins...

  20. CaramelD Says:

    @Enkay, you have me laughing like an idiot :)

    @SHE, I pack pounds oh, don't be fooled by my figure '8' LOL!

    @Freaksho, only you, only you!!! Well if the whole PR thing doesn't work I shall make my way to MTV.

    @Juiceegal, OK now I know it's you,we shall twit together!

    @SEXYPICS, Ermmm thanks but methinks we will stick to just one butt picture!

    @ Sirus LOL! That pic is dedicated to you and all my friends that have been FORCEFULLY trying to get me in one those there contraptions.

    @Doug, yep no more comment moderation, but I think all the weird spammers have stopped visiting my site. Good to have you back :)

    @Muse, no , no. You make it sound like a continual process. Oh no!

  21. ManCee Says:


    ...sorry, I couldn't control myself.

  22. Temite Says:

    Caramelly - ehn ehn! Me I want the full gist o! How are your parents dong now? Gosh men omo, you look mighty fine!

  23. RocNaija Says:

    Lol.. The mind is cautious.. Nice one..

  24. Nice Anon Says:

    very light skinned you are.

  25. blogoratti Says:

    A little special magic doesn't sound bad at all..
    I see you*

  26. CaramelD Says:

    @Mancee, your focus is admirable ;)

    @Temi, is there ever enough time for teh full gist? My parenst are OK, my Dad is now taking legal proceedings against those sorry excuses for human beings. Thanks girly. PS You always have very lovely profile pics, I'm jealous.

    @ Roc, it's the the truth as I know it oh! Hopefully one day it will change.

    @Nice Anon, it's my Mum's fault. Also London doesn't help. We are miserly with our sunshine oh Yoda.

    @Blogoratti, a little special magic can go a long way :)

  27. badderchic Says:

    If I said nice arse would you think I was gay? lol

  28. CaramelD Says:

    @ Badderchic, feel free ;)

  29. Rita Says:

    Now I see the semblance to the photo on your profile :-)

  30. All I can think is that if you carried those jeans and that backside to some office in Naija, guys go dey curse you say you dey break their concentration for office.


  31. bArOquE Says:

    did you say 6years? so it has been swinging freely in a skirt all this while, that i will love to behold *wink*

    @Badder, how is it doin you?

  32. bumight Says:

    so this is the butt that has been destroying e-families...i had to come and take a look for myself, LOL!

  33. bumight Says:

    ....and i am not jealous o! i seriously am not :)