Where were you when you heard Michael Jackson had died?

I had just come back from Accident and Emergency because my boss fell in our theatre during a show and chipped a bone in her leg. Shattered and tired at 11.20pm, a text from my cousin....Micheal Jackson is dead! I called her back and shouted at her that I'm not in the mood. She told me to go and put on my TV.

Michael!! I told my Mum when I was little that you were the only one I wanted to marry, we loved your music so much. I am speechless. No one can ever touch you, ever.

I hope death gives you the peace you never had in life.


11 Responses
  1. Sassy Trends Says:


    I dey facebook jeje yesternyt before sleeping and suddenly as if under a spell, every body just start to dey change there profile status and I was what?!
    I goggled all goggleable, not my fauly really we no get light and the gen has alredy been switched off...

    So na online I hear am ooo... and I was not happy one bit...


  2. BSNC Says:

    I was at work, my sista called. i couldn't believe, but this life anything can happen.

    may his soul rest in peace.

  3. RocNaija Says:

    Amen.. Amen..
    I was online.. Then someone called..

    RIP MJ..

  4. ~Sirius~ Says:

    I was asleep......saw your text. I shed tears.

  5. Freaksho Says:

    been playing him on the radio all day.still can't believe it's happening.
    good to know i'm not alone.

  6. Enkay Says:

    Yeah. the guy had a great life but tinged with so much sadness!
    maybe the paparazzi will rest now.

  7. ...sooooo sad!!...i had just come back from a night out and was checking facebook and kept seeing status updates about rip mj and whatnot...of course i couldn't believe it and checked cnn...and sure enough...i cried myself to sleep and have been reflecting on the role we as fans play in the demise of the very stars we love...i only hope his peace is perfect...

  8. doll Says:

    i woke up at 5.30am to go to work and saw a text from my bf sent the nite before. RIP Michael

  9. ManCee Says:

    My first reaction was "He can die?"
    About the peace thing, I hope with you.

  10. ManCee Says:

    DO you know that google crashed? Yep! All of their sites, storage and processing power could not cope with the demand for information...
    na wah.
    Apparently, there will never be another MJ ( I would have called him Wacko Jacko...but I'm being gentle on the dead)

  11. Naughty Eyes Says:

    I was browsing with my phone when SuperNaija sent it as a mail to my inbox. Had to go to CNN sharply to confirm. Even when I broke the news to everyone the next morning it still sounded like I was joking.
    He will be missed...

    PS: My first time of commenting here, by the way...