I had banned myself from online activity like Blogger and FB because at work we are in the middle of our new campus launch. No simple ribbon cutting here, nope! Six days of 17 events like shows, lectures, open days and celebrity visits. The highlight of my career thus far, the result of four months planning, the justification of my MA!

Day two, my feet are dead and I'm shattered!

Anywhos, the news reached me that Bumight said she might end her e-pregnancy because Doug was looking at my bum, and I thought, I have to blog this evening cos this is too freaky!

I dreamt about Bumight last weekend. In the dream, Mum is reading The Guardian newspaper and I see a column written by Bumight. It's actually got that name on its byline. I snatch the paper and yell that I know that person! I scan the paper and in my dream I identify her (no picture) by phrases she uses in her blog. I wonder though, because I'm thinking when did she leave medicine now? How come she is writing for a big British newspaper?

So when I woke up, I was very perplexed. I don't dream about bloggers! Well there was this one time,very racy dream actually ;) I digress. I was very very very puzzled! Then I cracked it! Remember my cousin who got me frantic because we had to pay £175 for the bridesmaid dress? Well after deep prayer, we got it cheaper in America. Now we are being told about £30 for make up for our face and £50 for our hair to be styled. Not fixing the weave, just arranging it!! £50 !!!!!

I am pissed off! The whole evening I was muttering to myself. I won't do the make up but the hair I can't get out off :( So my last thought to myself as I went to bed was "Shebi Bumight wants to be a bridesmaid, she should be careful what she wishes for oh!"

That's why I dreamt of Bumight! LOL!

One more curious thing before I crash for the night. Two nights ago, my Mum woke me up by calling my name and saying I should come to her room. I ran out to find glass all over her carpet floor. I looked to the window and the ceiling wondering what had fallen and saw nothing. The thick sheet of glass that we place over our cabinet tops to protect the wood at home, had cracked and splintered into a million tiny pieces, ALL BY ITSELF.

Standing in her room I could still hear the damn thing cracking and pinging as it continued to shatter and shatter in more tiny diamond like pieces. That is the freakiest thing I have ever seen in my whole life. My Geek Squad Captain said it must be heat but we have actually turned off the central heating at home. The house is the coolest it has ever been. Weird! I don't like the fact that it poured all over her floor and over her duvet, it could have gotten her face. Na God oh!

OK short post has turned epic. Time for bed.

PS Sirus you aren't online!
PPS Do you know the kind of self control needed to not read tempting blog posts till the weekend?
9 Responses
  1. RocNaija Says:

    Lol.. Maybe you should offer up your bridesmaid spot to Miss B and call it even..?

    Did the glass have any cracks in it previously?

    Doesn't paying that much for makeupp and hair negate the savings you made buying the dress from the States?!

  2. RocNaija Says:

    PS. Glad your mom wasn't hurt in the freak accident..

  3. doug Says:

    Man...that was some freak accident with your mom. Glad she's ok. How's all the stuff going at work? And to not blog, all you have to do is...NOT BLOG!

  4. akaBagucci Says:

    Hmm... seems like the plot is thickening.. all the accusations and counter-accusations and the dreams........ glad your mum escaped un-hurt.. I'm currently beefing all bridal train color selectors or whatever they call them.. So I won't even dignify the dress issue with a comment!

  5. bumight Says:

    how did these people get here before me?
    you dont have to explain anything, you dreamt of me because u love me so much and u are totally enchanted by my awesomeness!

    I'm glad your mom is ok.....a thousand might fall by our side and then thousand by our right, but it shall not harm us!

  6. BSNC Says:

    Amen to that prayer bumight. thank God mumsie is okay.

    lol you thought about her so much, she com enter your dream...

  7. Sassy Trends Says:

    Dreaming about a blogger?
    Lol..that blogger must be something nigbayen o...

    Thank God for your mum...

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Oh Darl! Glad your Mom is safe. And I agree with Bumight, you have a girl crush on her...I beg admit it o. Thank heavens, I dont have any close female friends otherwise men....
    XOXO and goodluck with your thingie...

  9. doll Says:

    i can see y you dreamt of her. LOL