This morning I thought it would be a quiet day with no headaches.

By this afternoon I had changed my mind. My bridesmaid drama showed no signs of abating. I had called the bride's sister to ask a question about jewellery and mentioned in passing that i was off to buy our gold shoes, only to hear...
"Oh no Caramel it's not gold anymore, it's now silver."
"What do you mean?"
"Well we saw the dress up close and realised that it had silver threading and decided to change the shoes."
"No one told me!!!!! So if I hadn't called you, I would have been screwed."
"I thought you knew"

What rankles is that for ages I have been browsing shops and have passed countless silver shoes but have turned a blind eye in my quest for f@*king gold shoes. Two weeks before the wedding, outfit change and NOT A WORD !

Fast forward to the evening. My friend PL, had helped me picked the shoes and was going to have dinner with her fiancee. I had picked up my dinner and didn't want to rush home to my World War 3 house in a hurry and asked if I could chill in her flat and have my dinner then go home.

So far, so good.

We get to her flat, and I see that her brother (Ex-hottie, best kisser to date, former object of my desire, currently engaged to be married) was not going out but staying in. Not an issue. PL and her fiancee go to dinner, Ex-hottie goes to the sitting room and I'm in the kitchen making dinner and speaking on my phone.

After a while PL starts calling, I ignore it as I'm talking to my friend from India but it's persistent. She calls ex-hottie to say that they are turning around and are on the way to take me to dinner too!


Why on earth would you break your date to turn around and add plus one? I argued that I had had dinner already, that they were on a date, that this made no sense! Nope, she said, they had decided to come and get me, it's Saturday night etc etc.

Fantastic, I am now a pity case.

I ask ex-hottie, why is your sister turning kolo, and he says.."she doesn't trust me alone in the house with you!"

I was about to laugh until I saw the look on his face. I seriously don't think he's joking. Now I'll wonder, really wonder what all of that was about! Is that why they came back? Does she know something I don't? Are we not all adults? He's getting married for heaven's sake!

Then in the middle of all of that, while I'm waiting for them to come and get me and I'm trying to decipher the look on ex-hottie's face, I'm getting three texts from Baked Beans! Is something in the air! Can you imagine! After total silence for 6 months, suddenly random jokey texts! For me to say what exactly?

'How are you?'
' :0)'


I, Caramel Delight, look foward not backwards! Old news belongs in the bin!*

*Metaphor for old love interests, not encouragement to not recycle.
16 Responses
  1. 48 Says:


    Wow sounds like ex hottie still has the hots for you

  2. Nice Anon Says:

    He may still have the hots for you but isn't he getting married? Let him face his front.

  3. Naughty Eyes Says:

    Quite a case of the ex(es) you've got there...
    Personally maybe PL doesn't trust her brother around you, not that she feels you can't handle yourself as such.
    You never know what kind of hints he's been dropping about you around her for example...

  4. CaramelD Says:

    @48, I honestly don't know...

    @Nice Anon,I don't know why it must be a soap opera. I have known their family for years so it's not as if I will be vanishing anytime soon. We need a working formula!

    @Naughty eyes, I wish I could read his and her thoughts for those few minutes to gather clues.

  5. Afrobabe Says:

    lol...hasn't any one told you..old wine tastes beter...

  6. CaramelD Says:

    Afrobab! I've missed you! Haven't seen your brakelight in ages!!!! PS Carry your old wine go, my own gives tummy ache and heart ache :)

  7. Fabulo-la Says:

    ha ha ha!
    All these useless exes!

  8. chayoma Says:

    some ex still has the hots...
    Afro, where have u been hiding!
    Old wine does taste FAMILIAR but please, out with the old, in with the NEW...

  9. Anonymous Says:

    awwww darling! I would hate for that to happen as well. Sorry dear and please Love, enjoy all the attention o. XOXO

  10. Freaksho Says:

    this is why we read ur remind us to friggin' update!

  11. CaramelD Says:

    @Fabulola, useless belongs to Baked Beans, he is the worst offender. Blowing hot and cold like a dodgy AC.

    @Chayoma, can I get a witness?

    @Temite, my sister I don't want this type of spotlight. How's Naija?

    @ Freaksho, really? I thought you read my post for my witty and honest reflections of a 27 yr old Nigerian girl living in London and trying to find her way through life etc etc etc LOL!

  12. ~Sirius~ Says:


    Don't Mind Afro o!

    Old wine tastes better ko.

    Thaey most all know something you don't know- maybe something to do with the Fiance coming home to find you there alone with her man.

    As for baked beans- that Can should have long expired by now.

    As for this famous wedding.....can't wait to see how it turns out.

  13. LusciousRon Says:

    Afrobabe you are a riot! Exes we should write a book.

    I think he still has the hots for you. Getting married or not since when did that stop anybody?

  14. SHE Says:

    Which one of you was she trying to protect? You, her brother, or his fiancee?

    If you guys wanted to rekindle old flames, wedding or no, would you not "create" the opportunity?
    Abeg jare...

  15. doll Says:

    hpe d dinner went i'l like more posts bout ex hottie