On the left is my travel card wallet. On the right is one of Always's finest feminine products. So I'm running late this morning, got to my station and stuck my hand into the jumble that is my handbag. I pulled out my travel card wallet and swiped it at the gate. Nothing. Swiped it again. Nothing! Looked at my hand, I Caramel Delight, 27 year old woman, was swiping my sanitary towel at the card reader!!! Chai! Lord have mercy!

This is why it isn't good to rush!!!

So the station officer edges towards me at the exact time I realised my mistake. I'm telling you the guy went from pink to red!!! I just burst out laughing! Only me oh! Only me!

They were all 'ROTFLMAOing on Twitter but if you see the pictures you can see where my senses were going. Can someone please console me with other stories of mortification?
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  1. akaBagucci Says:

    Eyah...... Wonder if any one captured the kodak moment! Would make for a great SITCOM spoof I think..

  2. bob-ij Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL I'm totally almost rolling on the floor.. Poor you! You are so excused! They look exactly the same!!

  3. Vera Ezimora Says:

    My problem now is that I love both the wallet & the feminine product. Which to take, which to take?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    ...hmm, just why do i think if you had swiped it the other way 'twould have worked?

  5. BSNC Says:

    hahahaha lord have mercy. its not your fault, you were in a hurry. but.. hahaha okay i ll stop laffing now.

  6. mizchif Says:


    Sry i don't have such a mortifying tale, so far i sometimes manage to leave my hse without my oyster card or wallet and have to go back after walking to the bus stop.

    Oh and yday in my brokeness i had to top up my oyster with, yes u saw right 2p, abeg i already had 1.08 the guy at the desk musta thot i was joking.

  7. Anonymous Says:


  8. Naughty Eyes Says:

    I'm still ROTFLMAOing since I read this on Twitter this morning! Made my day...
    Like someone (I can't recall who) said there, "the station gate must have been blushing..."

  9. Anonymous Says:

    hehehehehehehehehehe. Im laffing at u men!!!! hehehehe.....LMAO

  10. downtheaisle Says:

    r u for real!!!! LWKM!!!

  11. RocNaija Says:

    Dang.. You shoulda stuck with the bright yellow ones they hand out..

  12. ~Sirius~ Says:


    errrrm, isn't one hard and the other soft?

  13. CaramelD Says:

    DannyB, luckily there was no one behind me, this kodak moment is free to pass me by.

    Doll, I laughed at your comment on my last post, if you want more gist on ex-hottie, start from my first ever post, my ex-hottie madness was at it's peak then :)

    Bob-Ij, I'm glad you can see that!

    Vera, you are not serious LOL. In fact Always should pay me for promoting their product.

    Re-thots, huh? Swiped which other way?

    Nice Anon, be there flashing your 32!

    BSNC, laugh oh, nothing do you!

    Mizchif, there is nothing as horrible as going on the bus and you touch you Oyster and you need like 5p or something! Hard stuff man!

    Leggy, don't worry, I won't lie I was laughing myself all the way to my office.

    Naughty Eyes, how do you the know the gate is not female?

    Temi, laugh oh, it's good for you. By the way thanks for asking after me, I felt all warm and cuddly. I'm slightly cranky but apart from that I can't complain.

    Downtheaisle, Live and in technicolour.

    Roc, NO WAY! How can you even bring those ugly yellow IKEA sponsored eyesores into my blog! Bleurgh! You know they are nasty. I lie?

    Sirus, I wasn't really concentrating, I was on auto-pilot.

  14. Sassy Trends Says:

    Okay dts not funny shey? But hey.. where were you rushing to by the way?lol

  15. bumight Says:

    should have opted for those tiny tampons...except u'd have brought it out when u wanted a pen!

  16. Myne Whitman Says:

    I agree that they look alike. Pele. LOL

  17. SHE Says:

    They sure look alike, but don't they feel different?
    Sorry, no mortifying stories so far. at least none as funny as yours! LOL !!!

  18. LusciousRon Says:

    LOL! Sorry o! Can't help you.
    Bumight you are not serious! I carry tampons around all the time. Those colorful plastic ones from tampax, a guy asked me if it was sweets, I prmptly told him yes! Only for women!

  19. incoherent Says:

    ummmm mortifying story.....well there was this one time back in high school, i was n my way to tennis. decided to stop at my neighbour's house to say hi (cute guy, older bro in college, both had hot friends aaaah). noticed my darling friend kept looking down. figured he was checking out my legs. so i lingered a little.

    .......only for me to get to town n this complete stranger (who just happened to be around my age!) goes "girl your fly's open!" suicide never sounded so good

  20. Anonymous Says:

    console you ko!


    lmao!!!! hahahahaha!!!!

  21. Buttercup Says:

    The only Caramel in my Mars bar! No update still? Hope you're good, hon?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Almost as bad as the story I heard of someone accidentally trying to put a condom into a slot machine.

  23. Nice Anon Says:

    LMAO! Condom in a slot machine takes the cake!

    Chic update na

  24. tobenna Says:

    Better than using a pack of condoms for the swipe :P

  25. SHE Says:

    You won't update?

  26. You know who this is Says:

    Laughing so hard, my chest aches...