I keep wearing my knickers inside out, no seriously I'm being very honest here. Something is wrong with my mental state and maybe this is a silent plea for help! It was fine if it were just the thongs cos I have some sheer ones and one side can look like the other if you are in a rush but shock horror, it also happened with my normal high legs!!!!!

My Mum once said that if you were your clothing inside out unintentionally it meant that you were going to get money. Well if that was the case, it would be raining money like a Lil Wayne video! I think I need to start some kind of deep breathing and deep meditation so I am more in control and more focused, maybe then I will start wearing my knickers the right way around.

PS Found this advert online about patches you put on your body to reduce your cravings for food. There was a free trial pack, so trust me now, I sent for it. It's a week supply and I am currently on day 2. Will document if it works for me on not after the week is over. So far it just smells like a mini pharmacy stuck on your body :)
2 Responses
  1. Phoenix Says:

    LOL! i hope you've got an umbrella when the storm hits......

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Ohhh my goodness the storm came! I got £200 from a very unexpected source and i am over the moon! It went straight to my overdraft and took the nasty out of it! So there is truth in the inside out myth!