My home girl asked me to be her bridesmaid!!!! Yeah I'm soooooooo excited!! I am a romantic (not hopeless romantic though cos Naija kicked that one out of my system) and I was there at the beginning five flipping years ago when it all budded like a flower in springtime (wow I'm on a roll this morning).

Also I now have the absolute kick starter for me losing my stomach cos the other two bridesmaids are slim and all that so IT'S ON BABY!!! Also her getting married makes feel a whole lot better about something not so wise I did which I will explain later.

Finally got introduced to ex-hottie's current lady friend. I had been so eeeekkkk about it before but it had never come to pass, so that by the time yesterday rolled by, I had no more drum rolls in me so it was totally normal. Of course I was nice and well mannered and the lady seems very nice so there is no need to be all evil eye about the whole thing LOL.

I would rather have spent as much time as possible in the kitchen with Phat Lady (ex-hottie's sister and my home girl of 9 years) but she was all "go eat in the sitting room, leave me in the kitchen", so with heavy heart I had to join the couple and watch tv and make small talk. That wasn't really so bad, what was appetite reducing was remembering that the couch where they were sitting on had also played host to me and his royal nibs during heavy make out sessions!!! Very weird......

It does leave room for thought, can I get back to the time when we all hung out as friends ?? It would make things so much easier in my head. Maybe have some kind of mind erasure machine to delete certain scenes from doing playback when you least need them. I still stand by my declaration that I'm over him but please I'm not made of stone LOL .

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