I hate application forms, it's bloody snowing in England a lot, my Mum keeps NAGGING me to the point of desperation and I missed the first episode of season two's Brothers and Sisters. Oh sigh!

What gets me the most is the application forms ! They are like a totally necessary evil!! Heaven has smiled on you if you find one that is less than six pages long!! You can't apply for work without them apart from if you are really lucky and get those vacancies where they just ask you send in your CV (oh joy, oh bliss).

That doesn't happen though, where would the fun be if it did? How could get they get their daily jollies if not for reading the answers us poor saps have written to stupid questions like 'how has your hobbies formed your personality?' and my personal favourite; 'why did you apply or this position?'..... ANS 'I applied for this position because I'm not a size 0 with huge fake boobs, therefore I cannot get through life as a footballer's wife. Because of said defect I now find that I have to actually work for a living earning some kind of wage that will keep me in lip gloss, shoes, fake hair and of course food and shelter!!!!!
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