This isn't a post, it's a wail of anguish.

Freaky Bridesmaid Diet/ Week Two:- GAIN 1kg

I suspected something was up on Sunday, I didn't feel like I did this time last week. So I did a quick weigh even though official weigh day is Monday.  So I stepped on and it read my weight of last week (no change). I was burnt. So shocked and so hurt and astonished.

I was surprised because on Friday my dress (friends wedding next week) had to be altered and according to the tailor I had lost an inch on my bust, and hips and 1/2 inch on my waist. I was so happy.

Now this.

So yesterday I was bummed out but to my great astonishment I also started crying. I couldn't stop! I cried in the shower and while getting dressed and finally got a grip and told myself to calm down. I ended up flat on the floor in the sitting room watching movies without being aware of what exactly I was watching.

So by the time this morning rolled around and I did my official weighing I was too exhausted to shout because of all I had cried yesterday. My Mum said I'm bloated because my period is next week but me I don't agree. In fact I don't know. I might have to increase my exercise even thought I'm working late this week.

Na wa oh! This means so much to me and I can't take failure of any kind. I'm not giving up or slacking or quitting. Nope! But I'm sad, there is no other word for it.
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  1. My World Says:

    Just take it easy sweets,you wil get there..

  2. ~Sirius~ Says:

    Awwww..........*Crying with you.

    Don't let it weigh you down, in fact let it aggrivate you.


    Don't stop what you were doing.
    Just stay focused.
    *You'll be fine.

  3. mizchif Says:

    Ndo! Just hang in there, keep working on it. You'll get there.
    Try not to put undue pressure on yourself though (e.g fitting into the dress) Take your time.

    All the best.

  4. SHE Says:

    Your mum is right! Dont torture yourself.

    As soon as I read the first few lines, it occurred to me that its probably some hormonal thing.

    it'll go away. you'll see. Just dont kill yourself over it.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Please STAY focused dear. Gosh on the other hand, is it all worth it. I dont know jooo.

  6. Afrobabe Says:

    Ha take it easy oh..

    I dont understand why you want to loose weight so badly...

    Darling big girls have fun dont need to be skinny to get the man of ur dreams...

  7. Phoenix Says:

    It doesnt always work like that babes.

    This weight loss thing is tricky.
    The first few weeks you usually gain muscle mass as u burn up fat and ur progress doesnt show up on the scale.

    Even a trainer will tell you to stay away from the scale for the first few weeks.

    Dont judge ur progress by the amount on ur scale, judge it by how your clothes fit.

    its a hard road but dont let it get u down to the point of bawling like that.
    There are better things to use ur tears on babes.

    Im sending you a huge cyber hug .
    Heads up!!!

  8. Phoenix Says:

    Plus ur moms might be right too.
    Women usu get bloated due to water retention just before their periods.

  9. Bibi Says:

    Awwww, just take it easy on yourself. When I started losing weight, I found out that even though people tell me I look smaller, sometimes the scales disappoint. You just have to keep doing the right thing and the results will follow. How soon is the wedding though?

  10. ManCee Says:

    If its any consolation, Mancee is sooo sure he'd still love you no matter ur KG.
    But if it makes you happy...keep at it. losing 0.5Kg per week is the recommended 'healthy' thing. No more.

    Ps: I believe you know caramel-ly thingys dont exactly help, shay?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Don't be so hard on yourself Miss D..

    I get the feeling that's usually what happens when you start a weight loss program..

    To many hours of watching "Biggest Loser UK"


  12. BSNC Says:

    eya kpele.. just try and take things easy...

  13. Freaksho Says:

    now i hate to be such a MAN about this, but really? CRYING? no no no this will not do!
    you are beautiful anyway you are, Caramel, and that day will come, you'll put on that dress and knock everyone's eyes out.
    this is nothing to worry me.

  14. Shubby Doo Says:

    dry your tears...carameld honey if you have four weeks to go…consider changing and try the food doctor everyday diet…you will drop the weight if you don’t cheat and u will do it healthy with complex carbs. u can find the book on this link:

    if you want a heads up on what it entails see my post

    Only thing I will add is don’t break the 'no caffine' or 'no sugar' or the exercise rules, plus I would advise that u stick with real fruit juice you make fresh yourself and not the stuff in the cartons

    Good luck sweetie...believe u aint gonna fail and u wont :-)

  15. Writefreak Says:

    Awww...just take it easy ok?

    You might be suffering from PMS you know...sending you loads of hugs!

  16. Buttercup Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww honey..

    im glad u r not giving the same time, dont sweat it so much, these things take time..


  17. LIL WOMAN Says:

    i understand what you are going through. sometimes losing weight can be such a big challenge, but dont let it weigh you down to the point of tears...just always remember you are beautiful irrespective of your size, so though you want a smaller size, dont be bitter about your current stay focused on your exercise...dont overdo it though and watch your diet...dont starve just reduce the sure u would be fine

  18. Ms. SpicyTee Says:

    One step at a time sweet sis...

    Is often like that with weight lose and scales.. It will be off and on but when you keep at it.

    You know wat? Ditch the scale for now and put ur effort in the prog and you will see the clear difference. But the bottom line is..Just be yourself and be happy..That's all that matters. Much luv

  19. Enkay Says:

    It's ok to be sad dear.
    I love the fact that you're not quitting on this.
    If you keep at it. As in Keep at it, it will pay off eventually.

    Blogville will hold your hand if need be. Count me first in line!
    Much love!

  20. JustDB Says:

    err.... have you looked at the measurement error on the scale? might very possibly be +/- 1 kg you know!!!! Don't sweat it I'd say...

  21. Smaragd Says:

    u won't fail Caramel Delight, just relax and make it fun even ok?

    u'll be fine... if u let urself be fine.