In case you haven't seen this yet. Absolutely true and very funny. It's called 25 THINGS I HATE ABOUT FACEBOOK!


  • Wanted to post my fav hymn for Holy Week but can't find it in my handbag. Will do it later.
  • Just found out a mutual friend is bi. What do you say to that? Nothing. You put on kettle and make tea.
  • Woke up in a rush and wore the wrong trousers to work. Currently looking like a hooker in my office but luckily found long cardigan.
  • Second day of freaky bridesmaid diet. I miss complex carbs.
  • Still coughing and sniffling (not attractive).
  • Mum has decided we are having big Easter cookout. I get to finally do my roast ....for 20!!All welcome.
  • I miss dating and male attention. Got asked out, wasn't interested. I hope I'm not going back to days of ice maiden. I better not have hang ups from the whole Baked Beans debacle. That would be such a silly girly thing to do!
  • I am grappling with social networking sites on behalf of my college as part of viral marketing hmmmm! Twitter is not fun!
  • Hope a channel shows Jesus of Nazareth this week. It's not right if you don't watch Jesus of Nazareth over Easter week :)
25 Responses
  1. JustDB Says:

    LOL @ wearing the wrong trousers..... Maybe they might finally get you the attention you deserve? Ice maiden?

    Cut dudes some slack, its difficult asking y'all out in the first place!!!!

  2. CaramelD Says:

    DannyB! You have come now! Go and pack your suitcase and stop looking for my trouble. I was very polite and well mannered, I just wasn't moved in any way and I am wondering why.........

    The bloody trousers are for a dance floor not sitting up right in my chair at my desk! Go and pack!!

  3. ~Sirius~ Says:

    *Hiss, see me thinking I would be 1st.........*hiss again.

    Seriously "BI"?

    Pls holla if the diet works- in fact send it to me asap!

    I want easter cookout!!!!! NOT FAIR!!!!.............*sob sob

  4. Definitely! Easter is neva complete with Jesus of Nazareth!

  5. BSNC Says:

    eya its not your fault now. you were in a hurry( about the trouser).

    i want to taste to roast oo. you make sound soo delicious. yes its not right..

  6. bob-ij Says:

    I know what you mean about the Jesus of Nazareth movie. As for wearing the wrong trousers, thank goodness for the power to improvise. I find twitted rather annoying maybe if more of my friends join I'll get the hang of it!


  7. mizchif Says:

    Awww,i miss Jesus of Nazareth.NTAmade sure they showed it over and over an over again during easter weekend. Don't even know what i'm doing for easter.
    Goodluck with ur cookout!

  8. My World Says:

    I love cookouts....
    Sorry about d wrong trousers..

  9. Buttercup Says:

    whats ur fav hymn?

    lol @ ur reaction to ur the mutual friend being bi..hmm i honestly dunno what i'd do..

    hehehe thank God for the

    good luck with the diet..

    i sniffle every freaking day..ugh. get well soon..

    i want me some roast! sure when the right one comes along, all traces of ice wud be melted ;)

    i still dont get the point of twitter..

    i miss them naija channels..they always showed Jesus of Nazareth..kai, i cant rememeber watching it since i've gotten here..

  10. Afrobabe Says:

    lmo @ looking like a hooker to work...

    What else can you do but make tea if you find out a friend is bi???

    Good luck on ur roast...

  11. Ms. SpicyTee Says:

    LOL 2 mutual fiend was sure there is nothing else to do but make tea of course otherwise.
    I've been meaning to check out...
    And Twitter,think I might go check it up now.Meanwhile can i come around to enjoy easter cookout wt u?

  12. Kafo Says:

    i need to watch jesus of nazareth it has been a while

    bi = cup of tea
    nice reaction

  13. Freaksho Says:

    i need to try random blogging like this.
    make tea.priceless!

  14. Temite Says:

    Who is this Jesus u speak off, I have not met him?
    errr please give me details of the DIET, I am thinking of experimenting with a DIET. Neverbeen on one and i feel like I am losing out on a major bonding experience.
    Have fun roasting jooo

  15. Rita Says:

    lol @ It's not right if you don't watch Jesus of Nazareth over Easter week... the things we grew up knowing. I look forward to something different.

  16. SHE Says:

    Still waiting for your Fav hym...

    LOL! Jesus of Nazareth will definitely be shown on some station this season. if not, check the calendar. its not Easter.

  17. CaramelD Says:

    @Sirus, Internet hasn't reach the level of food delivery yet oh!

    @FBA, yes! I agree 100%. Welcome I think this is the first time I'm seeing you in my comment box :)

    @BSNC, mehn! The trousers meant I was flashing the top of my knickers! Chai!

    @Bob-Ij, are you on twitter? What's your screen name and then I will add you (very exicted).

    @Mizchif, the best part is that NTA would sometimes mix the parts so you would watch it back to front LOL. Have a good Easter.

    @My world, thank you oh!

    @ButterC, I'm in total shock! You have changed your picture! Man U for life whoop, whoop! But miss the legs too!

    @Afro, unlike the others I can actually post you some roast!!

    @Spicy tee, you are more than welcome to come and enjoy Easter food! Twitter I think is no fun if you don't have people on it with u!

  18. LusciousRon Says:

    That would be embarrassing. Pele no fault of yours.

    Have a fabulous Easter.

  19. CaramelD Says:

    @Kafo, all one can do is put on the kettle.

    @Freaksho, there is joy in randomness.

    @Temi the Mighty, Jesus is the one man who has never hurt me and I hurt him on a daily basis. Don't start a diet if you don't need a diet! There are other ways to bond, trust me. I can give you a full list of girlie bonding topics if you want :)

    @Rita, no! There is comfort in old favourites :)Another British TV tradition is Sound of Music and Grease at Christmas.

    @She, no shaking the hymn is coming oh. Just found my hymn sheet last night.

    @LusciousRon, Welcome! Erm I guess you are talking about the trousers, I was uncomfortable as I kept flashing my thongs but luckily I had my trusty cardigan.

  20. Afrobabe Says:

    I am awaiting that roast oh...

    How come my link is saying you just uploaded...I better stay here refreshing???

  21. CaramelD Says:

    @ Afro! LOL! If you want the roast, then you have to come and chop it yourself! I added a funny You tube link to the old post, that why it will show updated on your blog roll.

  22. bob-ij Says:

    I don't have twitter it confused me when I wanted to try! Teach me. I'll join!


  23. RocNaija Says:

    Lol @ "put on kettle and make tea"


    So this freaky bridesmaids diet?
    Is that real? Or you named it yourself?

    I did hear the G20 people absconded somewhere to chop easter food.. now I know..

    No worries, it's between you and Roc.. ;)

  24. CaramelD Says:

    @ Bob IJ, OK we will learn together :)

    @Roc! I don't need G20 crowd oh! My own family is enough as it is. Freaky Bridesmaid Diet is my own terminology to remind me why I'm sufering like this LOL, but it's a proper 'eating plan' oshi rubbish:)

  25. Shubby Doo Says:

    Lol @ you put the kettle on and make complex carbs is tough so good luck with your diet