Blogging is a hobby and a joy. Not just writing but reading my favourite posts and writing comments and reading comments! But for the first time in ages, my job has made sure I can't do the above properly. Sorry for the delay in relaying what happened after my rant. I didn't want to write it in a rush.

Big kiss and hug to all those that asked after me. I really do appreciate it. I guess what sprung me into action of writing is getting emails in my inbox asking if I'm OK. LOL! I was shocked, so I am responding by fire by force :)

** I'm so sleepy, period pains didn't allow me sleep and I fell like Mike Tyson has pummeled my torso so watch out for any typos.

Just before I had found out about the meeting, I had come home that Wednesday night to our house phone ringing and my Mum indisposed, so with my coat still on I picked the phone:

Caramel: hello, hello hello? [silence and scratching like NITEL] hello?
Dad: [in Igbo and shouting] Will you keep quiet! I'm trying to talk and you are talking! Shut up so that you can hear me!
Caramel: [in Igbo] is that why you must raise your voice? I really couldn't here anything! Why must you shout at me? I didn't do anything on purpose!

He then dropped the phone on me and called my Mum's mobile. It was after that that my Mum remembered to tell me the good news about the family meeting.

Fast forward to Friday morning. After my rant on Wednesday I had calmed down and decided to just bear the bloody meeting and see what it was about. As I got up, my Mum came into the room to tell me that my Dad (who had come back from a trip to Birmingham the night before) had told her he was not happy with me answering back on the phone call and shouting at him (I hadn't raised my voice one bit). He was going to 'seriously talk' to me about it. My Mum advised me to just apologise and let it blow over so my Dad wouldn't fuss.

Hey! That was it! I lost it. I was so angry inside. I just nodded at my Mum and tried to get ready for work but I was so gutted. I am not coming home from work to be shouted at for no reason and then stand trial for pointing out the obvious. There and then I vowed I wasn't coming for the meeting that night (I have never done that before!).

I arranged with my friend (PL) to go to her seamstress that evening but she wasn't feeling well, so I bit the bullet and asked if I could hide out in her flat till late in the evening. (I have been avoiding her flat as she lives with her brother, ex-hottie, former object of my desire but I was desperate). So that is where I stayed, till late and got home around 11pm.

I thought they were sleeping but about 20 minutes later, I could hear raised voices and lo and behold I realised they were arguing! so loudly and on and on and on. Imagine! I was amazed. What type of middle of the night argument is this one? With their lights off and everything! They went on till after midnight, I don't even know when they finished because I crashed.

So oh, Saturday morning I hear the door slam around 8am and thought someone was putting the rubbish out but it was my Dad leaving the house. He didn't tell anyone where he was going and he switched of his phone. He was meant to go and see my Aunt but never turned up there and by that time my Mum was worried. I wasn't! I knew he was doing it to sulk. He had done it before. He turned up later at 4pm.

My Mum asked me in the morning, didn't I remember about the meeting? I said, nope I didn't. Next question, are there any other diets I can try? (See they were talking about me). I said I will give one another go because my friend was going to do it with me. At this point I was depressed. I went to see a tailor and was meant to go to Luton to see my friend and her family but I took forever at the tailor and wanted to cancel going to Luton but my friend insisted. The long and short of it is after many adventures getting there and coming back (including getting lost, missing trains and getting fined: stupid national rail) I came home at 11.30.

I didn't do that one on purpose but I think my parents thought I did because of the atmosphere in the house. My Dad just said "they are looking for a missing 35 yr old woman please don't stay out late on your own. That was all I got. Sunday the house was too busy because my Dad was flying home on Monday. I helped him pack and ironed shirts and that was that.

It's a shame they fought but the best thing I ever did for myself was not coming home that Friday evening because the full force of my Dad would have been aimed at me because of the phone call and the audacity of me not being a size 12. I know my parents love me and I will never take that for granted but I still mean it when I say it's time for me to move on.
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  1. JustDB Says:

    well.. u survived it... that's what counts i guess........

  2. BSNC Says:

    eya i can imagine how tired you were that day.. your parent should try and understand now. yea you are right. it is time to move on. Hope you are okay sha

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Am I furst?
    Oh Darling, BIG HUG! I am so so proud of you. Slowly but surely you will build the neccessary boundaries, I just know it. But Darl I am so jealous of your gracefulness, becasue both of them would have heard a very big piece of my mind, if I were u. and then we all wouldnt be on talking terms now.

  4. mizchif Says:

    Na wa oh! Mummy and daddy should chill abeg! Which one is diet again? So would they rather you found a man who can't love you for your intelligence, strength of characterand great personality, but instead more interested in seeing u in a size 8 dress?
    I know your parents, like all parents have our best interests at heart, but sometimes they just go about it in the wrongest possible way.

    I'm sure u're beutiful just the way u are, and if u feel the need to drop a few dress sizes, it should be for the right reasons!

    Take it easy.

  5. RocNaija Says:

    Awwww... Poor D!
    A lot seems to be going on around you..
    Just take things easy...
    You did the smart thing in not getting in the line of fire..
    That God-given wisdom will not depart..

  6. RocNaija Says:

    Ermm... PS. Next time you need a place to say.. holla @ the Roc..

    I might show you a few exercises you can indulge in all night, that aid in automatic reduction to a size 12..

  7. LoloBloggs Says:

    I totally sympathise, last year I moved out while my Dad was on holiday. He didn't know about my plans until he came home and I found I no longer lived at his address. Harsh, but true.

    It ain't cheap, but you know what, its an investment in peace of mind! I haven't regretted it for a second!

    (P.S. First time here, hullo!)

  8. exschoolnerd Says:

    good for u dear!

    hope u r okay after all that!!!

  9. Ms. SpicyTee Says:

    Thank GOD...I'm glad it turn out fine.. Mum and Dad just want the best for you but wait oh,what size are u sef?.. I'm a size btw 12 and 14 and pple still run their mouth. Me I simply don't understand how they want me to be @ 29..(they always think that am 25).
    Anyway just continue to be yourself.. If you feel the need to,u can shed some of but I know it wont work when you're being harass..Stay bless my CaramelD

  10. ~Sirius~ Says:

    am I at the right spot? changed your template!......

  11. CaramelD Says:

    @DannyB, yeah I did. The english on your last set of posts is too much for me.

    @BSNC, I'm cool thank you very much for asking. (Any cure for a sore throat?)

    @Temi the Mighty, thank you for my Internet Hug. I don't want to start WW III but I don't want to be harrased either.

    @ Mizchif, thank you so much for your comforting words, sweet like honey!

    @The Roc Man! You! (hahahahha) You started off so well with calming words of comfort and then added your own special brand of icing to the cake LOL. Why do I get the feeling these exercises aren't your usual run of the mill gym exercises. Hmmmmmmm!

    @Lolo, I am just waiting for cash money and then I'm off. Thanks for stopping by, don't be a stranger.

    @XSN, I dey, two legs for trouser. I was laughing at your last post. I guess I'm not the only one feeling the parental crunch.

    @Ms Spicy Tee, I'm a 16/18 oh. Loaded with boobs and bum. I aiming for a 14 now but when my parents start on me I get VERY defensive and slightly bitter. Trying to step away fom all that though.

    @Sirus, yeah I know I keep changing templates. I think I'll stay with this one for now.....

  12. my sista, so sorry that you have to deal with that stress. Continue to keep your head on you, okay?

  13. SHE Says:

    It appears my concerns have been adressed. First, I thought I'd landed on the wrong spot. Then I found I could follow the 'storyline'

    Second, I was going to ask what size you are. But someone already asked.

    Great strategy, avoiding that meeting. Dont let anyone pressurise you on your size abeg. Trust me, if you become an 8, some people will probably complain that you're too thin!

  14. Buttercup Says:

    awwwwwwwwwww darling..

    im happy u stood up for urself..its a shame that they fought tho, i hope they resolve whatever.

    and u, just be happy, ok?


    p.s. so..about this former object of ur desire....

  15. CaramelD Says:

    @Ms Solly, my head is present and correct, thank you :)

    @She, hehehe sorry I keep chaning my layout. I'll stop for now before others become confused. There will be no size 8 here trust me, I don't want to lose my boobs. I aiming for a 14. I used to be 22 so I know I can do it.

    @The only butter on my toast!!!, As you are kissing me please abeg take am easy, your Oga sounds tough and I will soon start blushing :) As far as I can see the arguing didn't linger but these things do happen I guess. LOL @ 'former object of my desire' I have blogged about him tire. In fact I think my very first post was abou him hahaha. Old madness oh!

  16. Enkay Says:

    I was also wondering what size you were for all this harassment to be coming your way. You already answered that.

    I'm sure that your parents are feeling the tug on their apron strings as you decide to move on. You have to understand girl that it's not easy on them too but still it's your life and not theirs!

    I trust you'll be just fine!

  17. blogoratti Says:

    When a woman is fed up...
    Hold on is all i can say. One day you'll get the freedom that you seek!!

  18. bumight Says:

    wow, did i happen on a different blog? reading this, im kinda glad u didnt show up for the meeting. if they argued about u that much, then u really must be special :)

  19. Afrobabe Says:

    That was the best thing you could have done...

    Why are ur prents so stressed about u being a size 16? you look great to me..
    Next time they bring it up tell them you've had enough of everything and since you work you have decided to move out...that will set their head straight sharpish...

    dont know why your blog didnt update my end...oh, maybe i wasn't online the day you posted...

  20. Smaragd Says:

    Sirius, me too o, i was about to ask if this was the ryt blog!

    Caramel mia, i read the post and promptly forgot what I read! cuz my cousin was talking to me, have to go back to read now. brb

  21. Shubby Doo Says:

    Kinda glad u didn't go home on the friday 2 :-)