I wish I could express the way I felt when I read all the lovely comments you left for me on my last post. It was like having a cold void in the pit of your stomach and having it slowly fill up with a warm fuzzy glow of happiness. Like a good movie, hot tea, good book and kissing all rolled into one :)

I felt so sad but unlike before I really didn't want to quit. Also I normally would just not talk about it but I want my blog to be an honest reflection of my life and what matters to me. So even though there are bigger things in the world, right at this point losing weight matters to me and I was sad but you made me feel better, so much better. Like little shards of light banishing the dark aura around me.

I normally answer my comments one by one but work has been maaaaaaaaaddddd intense this past week culminating in a friend's wedding yesterday which I was involved in so I am a bit sleepy from lack of sleep and hay fever medicine.

Big thank you to my lovely ladies. Thank you for the advice, the humour and the comforting words of support. I have now seen all the ways 'hugs' can be portrayed on a computer hahaha. I felt like you knew what I was going through or could understand the frustration, so My World, Sirus, Mizchif, Temite, Afrobabe, Phoenix, She, ButterC, Bibi, BSNC, Shubby Doo, Writefreak, Lil Woman, Miss Spicy Tee and Enkay I'm grateful.

I had serious giggles with the male opinions as they sought to offer help in their own special way....
ManCee: I do believe this is your first time on my blog and yet what an entrance! Thank you for your assurance that you would still love no matter my size and in ans to your question I don't have any thing 'caramely' LOL. I'm sweet enough.

Freaksho: You made me feel like I was in the Principal's office and like I was a princess all at the same time.

Roc: You watch Living Channel? Really? hahaha

DannyB: Only you, only you would ask me to check the measurement error of my scale! That is a classic Danny B thing to say. I was laughing solo in my office they thought I was nuts.

Anyway I don't want to go on only about weight (boring!), I just wanted to say thank you for caring.

Caramel Delight


Other News

I tied headscarf on my head by myself for the first time ever!!!! This is big!!! This is huge!!!! I have done for people but with me I need assistance but there is no one at home and I was desperate so I just kept trying. When it stayed on my head and looked decent I felt like calling the BBC. I feel like I have passed a module in how to be a Nigerian woman 101. LOL.

Mum has bounced to Nigeria for five weeks, so home alone. Let me see if I can get up to any mischief. Who am I kidding? Probably won't. Might travel out of the city though for a break.

My body is going through this weird phase where I am sexually charged! Seriously no joke! For me to blog about it you know it's serious. I'm not sure where it came from but it's ridiculous. My friends say I'm glowing. I think I'm just giving out hormones or something into the air like a mating call. hahahahaha. If that is the case, I'm only pulling in 'men' 20 years or younger. It's weird. This whole year since January these young children have been after me. I don't understand. I swear the last one was 18!! For real! He asked if 'these were my ends?' and 'which hood I was repping?' I honestly answered 'HUH?'.

Anyway I'm off to grill fish and watch Poirot. I might tamper with my blog again. Don't worry if it looks odd later.

Update (shebi I posted last night too lazy for a new one)

Freaky Bridesmaid Diet/Week 3 = Lost 2kg
Whoooooooo hoooooo. Okay I know it's a bit confusing but the summary is so far in three weeks I have lost 3 kg in total.
25 Responses
  1. Dear God.. PLease let me be first for once!!!!
    This comment moderation thinng sucks!!!!!!

  2. SHE Says:

    Wow! must feel really good to have the young 'uns after you.

    They may be a bit over-eager and all that, but then I would find it flattering (secretly, inside me..)

    I, for one, think it tells you how sexy you look.

  3. blogoratti Says:

    Huh? which hood are you repping,hehe!
    lol@young children after you..*

  4. My World Says:

    Thanks 4 the recognitn,dearie,glad your better...
    Lol @ module 101...
    I want fish too....

  5. RocNaija Says:

    You're home alone??? Five weeks?

    Invite Roc round so we can watch.. erm.. Living TV together.. ;-D

  6. mizchif Says:

    Good to know we made you feel better. You're welcome anytime.

    Big LOL @ the teenager asking you which hood are you repping, u for give the pikin better knock! Mschewwwwwwwwwwww. What manner of disrespect!

  7. BSNC Says:

    you are welcome..

    lol congrats it is not easy oo. lol@nigerian woman 101

    you are giving out hormones in the air like a mating er okay

  8. ~Sirius~ Says:

    So i left a comment before, not sure if it came through,My internet might have eaten it up.

  9. Sting Says:

    Glad u feel better and have dropped some weight.

  10. Bibi Says:

    good you're felling better babe. nothing like feeling good about your self. and what a conincidence! For the first time ever, i tied a scarf myself too. it was such an accomplishment and i know my grandma would have been so proud of me! lol

  11. ibiluv Says:

    dash me the 3kg u lost

    i need exactly 3 kg..........

    did u call the BBC????

    now about being *charged*...comes with the territory.....

    nice blog layout!!!!!!!!!!

    lol at huh-i would have said

  12. RocNaija Says:

    new template..


  13. Smaragd Says:

    i like this new template.

    lol @ DB, God answers prayers doesnt he?

    CaramelD, u didnt mention me in ur shout out? why? *pouts* I commented, even tho i was last to do so, but i did nonetheless! i'm hurt.

  14. Smaragd Says:

    kids into u huhn? welcome to my world!lol

    keep it up with the freaky bridesmaid diet sweets, u wont regret it BUT dont overdo it ok?

  15. bob-ij Says:

    I love the blog layout...weird that I was going to change mine to this...but I don't want to lose my widgets!...i'll

    it's good you're better


  16. CaramelD Says:

    @DannyB, are you happy now? LOL.

    @She, I try and see the bright side but it's really weird, especially as I work for a College.

    @ Blogoratti, they don't speak proper English in England anymore.

    @MyWorld, you are more than welcome to come and chop fish.

    @RocNaija, I Caramel Delight will now call your bluff. This is an official invitation to my dwellings. Take that! LOL

  17. CaramelD Says:

    @ Mizchif, I was just relieved I wasn't being mugged.

    @BSNC, The hormones are real, what cam one do?

    @Sirus, sorry babe Internet has chopped it.

    @Sting, thanks :) How are you?

    @Bibi, my fellow scarf woman, CONGRATS!

    @Ibiluv, I wish with all my heart that direct fat transfer was possible. I would have done so since. I held myself back and did not call the BBC. Called my Mum in Nigeria instead ;)

    @ Roc, what do you mean by interesting? Oya talk!

    @Smaragd, please oh! Don't vex. I must have written the post before I saw your comment. I still felt the love from you oh! Trust me I won't overdo the diet. I have a spare 20kg on my body xx

    @Bob-Ij, Widget retrival is a serious pain. I have to do it slowly. Are you twittering yet?

  18. lol @ "nigerian woman 101"

  19. Afrobabe Says:

    Awww glad you are feeling better love...lmao @ DannyB's comment...crazy boy.

    hahahhahah @ which hood u are repping....

    Abnd Dabby was first...hmmmmmmmmmmm

  20. Buttercup Says:

    awww glad u r better, honey! :)

    and yay for the weight loss! *cheerleader mode on*

    i still dunno how to tie a gele :(

    with regards to the sexually charged thing, that was me a couple of months body seems to have adjusted

  21. Buttercup Says:

    i love the new look btw way..i think this one's a keeper!

  22. LusciousRon Says:

    This new look is gen gen! I like. Young men of today, 'shakes head'.

  23. Shubby Doo Says:

    loosing 2kg and doing a head we're in happiness business...i can't wait till i can tie one *sighs*

  24. Anonymous Says:

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