OK I don't want it to look like I am man bashing :0) Like I have said before both sexes are guilty of the mess we make in trying to figure out a relationship. I'm still on DENIAL by the way just that the other post was getting way too long and didn't want to scare anyone reading (if anyone is reading).

Normally I rant, but this time I'm just confused so in reality I'm musing. I just don't get why we make a complicated matter all the more complicated and let me tell you in Lagos it is x10.


Ladies we are the champions of denying when things are going south and I don't mean our boobs without a push up bra. Why is it that it is evident to everyone around you that you and your guy just don't work the way it was meant to, but not to you.

He hasn't meant your friends and really doesn't want to, you have had multiple arguments over some parts of his lifestyle that disturb you deeply but nothing has changed, hie ex's are never quite out of his life or yours for that matter and always hang around like a bad smell, he doesn't support your dreams but you support his, your Momma doesn't like him and you have more than a sneaking suspicion that he cheats on you when he travels .....BUT

You hang on after the fights and discovered emails and text messages, you hang on even though the explanations he gives you wouldn't fool a five year old, you hang on even though he has made you a paranoid and nagging wreck that wakes him up in the middle of the night so that you can ask him questions when you feel that his defences are down !!!

WHY ??? Really I don't get it. Why stay in that kind of relationship? Are you worried that you won't meet anyone else or are you worried that after putting all those years and effort into the relationship you can't stand to think that it was all for nothing?? Or is it love?? Hmmm. Denial of a situation just makes someone into a shadow of their former self and from what I've seen in my life and those around me, it's a real mess....
3 Responses
  1. All through the blogosphere, any time you see, "I don't want to male bash," or similar words -- you know that's exactly what the woman is going to do.

    Why are you all so obsessed with us when most of you obviously don't like us?

  2. CaramelD Says:

    Actually Mr.JR Peckham, you'll find if you read the WHOLE post that both men and women came under fire. I'm complaining that we are ALL to blame.
    PS I don't know who you have been talking to but I like men :)

  3. ManCee Says:

    Me, Me, me....
    I have a name for it...
    "Unwarranted Optimism"