If you are among the blessed few that actually read my blog, then I most apologise for my absence. I have been visiting home for two weeks and it has been hectic. By hectic I mean "really where has my fourteen days gone?" and by home I mean London.

For my patriotic Nigerians who might want to beat me up, I ask that you no vex!! I really was home, the type that is different from my home town in Nigeria. I mean the home that has been part and parcel of your life experience and where every bus stop, restaurant and corner shop has a memory.
When we drove in from the airport I was in love all over again looking at the trees in Autumn, the red buses and even my local Sainsburys!!!!

I have been here for two weeks with no Internet in the house cos my Mum took it off when I left for Naija so no available surfing. Also really there is no way that I'm blogging in my local Internet cafe where anyone can streeeeeeeetttttcccccccchhhhhhh their neck and do loookie loookie.

My hols are over and I'm back Naija style tommorow, but the gist and the bitching and rejoicing is plenty and I will be venting very soon...........
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