My Uncle died on Saturday and it hurts because it represents not just the loss of a good man but the disappearance of a stellar generation. They're not that much left and I know it is the passing of an age.

I remember when I was sixteen and my cousin wanted to hold a party over Christmas and we realised that my late Uncle's house was the best place because it had wide spaces and gorgeous wooden floors. So I was dispatched (as the girl) to go and ask permission. With trepidation I went to him and my Auntie (at a family wedding) and asked with no hope if we could invade their house at their inconvenience and have a party. We the smile of someone who has had teenage children he just said ok but try and leave the walls standing if you can!!

I was amazed because let me tell you I know A LOT of people who would have said "are you crazy??", but he was cool like that. I never saw him in action as a High Court judge but as an Uncle you happily gave him respect.....

With these thoughts in my head I hurt and tried to sort my thoughts out over the weekend but I just was not in the best place to do so, but now as I stare at my screen I realise that all that matters is that may he rest in peace, Amen and may his family take comfort in their memories of him.
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