Well well well, Pooh Bear doesn't want to be called Pooh Bear anymore (being typed with sulky face). Apparently he feels that the name strips him of his masculinity and virility!! It wouldn't even help if I assured cyberspace that in the flesh he is gorgeous and manly and cool and a whole powder keg of testosterone!! Nope the man is stubborn and has asked me to changed it since I said it was their choice.

Whatever, when I mentioned that I was writing a blog and that did my mates want anonymous names or their own, he wasn't even listening. Now he is an avid reader and I ain't getting no peace. So in the name of democracy and interactiveness Pooh Bear is now..... TRAVIS (tell the truth Pooh Bear is better right??)

Want to use this medium to say a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Thank you for understanding that I had to miss your party over the weekend cos of our bereavement and I owe you a serious drink (or two, or three, look who's counting ?)
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