I do believe that I am a bit of a crackpot, really there is no other explanation to it. I am a young woman, quite smart, nice and all that stuff but underneath it all I am a crackpot. That is why I thank God for this blog because you can be a crackpot to cyberspace and no one will be any the wiser.

OK, so what is my problem this time, I hear you ask... Well it's relationships. The whole nine yards of it all, I don't get it. I'm sure God in his infinite wisdom knew why he didn't wire us to just reproduce solo, you know without any interaction whatsoever. You would get to a certain age and your body would let you know that now was the time to carry a baby and then POP you would get pregnant and carry it till full term and then etc etc.

I know that plan has a fair few flaws in it but then there would be no headache, mistake, madness, misunderstanding, heartache and all the other pitfalls of trying to co-exist with someone in a relationship, which is in order in the first place for the propagation of the human race.

Now I am writing with not that much experience of the whole thing, I myself at the lovely age of 26 has never been in a long term relationship but I have had my fair share of drama but, if anyone wants to weight in here please feel free, but let me tell you the problems I have had with the rigmarole of the this complicated muddle...


Why do we like living in denial?? It is something both men and women are guilty off. Living under the smoke screen that you think is there to protect you but actually is only there to hide you from your own self evident truth.

For example, you talk to a girl every day without fail, you can be on the phone with her for three hours minimum without even feeling the time slip, you know all her joys and pains and her favourite music, you give her gifts all the time, you feel the tangible connection flowing between the both of you, when you have a problem you call her and you know she will help without judging you and when you do put a step wrong she tells you like it is cos that is how much she cares BUT.....
You can't admit you have fallen for this girl, the very thought fills you with horror because then you will have to admit that your feelings are that strong! Your actual girlfriend doesn't even want to hear that girl's name anymore because you keep dropping her in the conversation and she has the sinking feeling that you two share something more special than your actual boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

SO everyone starts getting miserable, the girlfriend is miserable and wants to complain but doesn't want to sound like a nag, the girl is miserable because she can't move on and get a proper boyfriend because you her 'friend' have become sucha big part of her life and you are miserable because you are in DENIAL .

3 Responses
  1. Supergirl Says:

    Nicely written girl. Ive been looking for the proper way to put this and you just did.

  2. ManCee Says:

    Oh Great and Wise One
    These things you write smirk of personal experience
    Pray tell us your humble disciples
    What's best for each party in this here Triangle

  3. This is so true, I wish people could just be real and quit with all the forming already.