It's annoying init??? First I write that I left and now I'm writing to say that I'm back!!! LOL I will write excerpts from my hols but I flew in two nights ago and it took ages to get my luggage. The flight was FULL, ah my people we can wander around the globe for real!!

I was picked up by this nice guy who does airport runs and my parents are on the phone to him from flipping London telling him to take me to our family house in Apapa instead of going to P's house in Ajah. Why?? Cos of armed robbers terrors of the night etc!!

Now you can't flaunt your security but I JUST WANTED TO GO TO MY FINAL DESTINATION and that does not include stopovers in Apapa and carrying my luggage with me to work AAAARRGGGGGhHH. So my initial phone calls in Lagos included arguing with my Dad, something I hate doing but now find has become a necessity.

Thank God though, we made OK, not counting the time interlude, of looking for P's "friend's" house where she was waiting for me. The babe totally gave me one wrong direction, and I'm knocking at people's gate in the middle of the night scared that an armed man is going to jump at me from out of the bushes LOL.

Anyway, It was nice to go to work the next day cos our MD is not around so there is a certain relaxed air and everyone was so warm and welcoming (also dispensing chocolate and biscuits helps the mood). I came to realise that even though i don't like the company, i do like the people that are in the company :)

Oh I forgot on the flight, i sat next to this lady that had body odour and she was really nice, just also pongy. The worst part is that when she moved a new smell would waft over to my side oh torture!!!! Luckily I had Lord of the Rings, The Twin Towers to keep me busy!! Oh I totally cannot stop loving those films. We are though going to put British Airways in the naughty corner as they served one meal in the whole flight and no snacks, not even a dodgy croissant. Also cheeckily they served 2 meals on the way there, is that not the same amount of time in flying?????
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