This is to honestly declare to all interested parties (ie my unbelieving friends) that I, Caramel Delight, currently of Ajah, Lagos has gotten over Ex Hottie.

This declaration covers all misty eyed trips down memory lane, all sexual comparisons, all stalking of his facebook profile page, all discussions with him or about him on MSN and all playing of particular slow jams that would result in aforementioned trips down memory lane.

I declare these facts to be true as I have had my attention drawn to to other members of the opposite sex and have not thought about him in a while in that way.

This declaration also serves as an order to aforementioned unbelieving friends to stop speculating and start taking me for legendary Lagosian parties so that I, Caramel Delight can start wearing all my previously unloved party clothes.

Signed and Dated :- CaramelD November 23rd 2007
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