My Dad was in London too, to give away my cousin in marriage. He has already been in England earlier this year for his holidays so please can I ask WHY WON'T HE SHARE THE REMOTE CONTROL ??????? I tell you it was something else, my Mum was thinking of surgically removing the remote from his hands.

Not that he's watching something we can all derive joy from, nnooooooooooooo. It went something like this, 24 hour news, 24 hour news, 24 hour news, any kind of football, any kind of football, any kind of football and then a liberal sprinkling of old movies, which would have been fab but I'm never there when the movie starts so the plot line is out of the window.

The part that really takes the biscuit is when he is out and you manage to sneak in Jack Bauer style and turn on the TV to maybe MTV, or a sitcom, or in my Mum's case put in Nigerian DVD, my Dad comes into the house and makes a fuss of how we are watching rubbish, makes up an errand for you to run for him then when you come back, surprise surprise...the channel has been changed. It was so bad that (brace yourself) I DIDN'T WATCH EASTENDERS DURING MY STAY!!!!

Well my friend came around to visit me one day and it was the rugby world cup, well she lives in halls and i made this song and dance about her being a hard working student and that she needs to be able to relax, that my Dad being uber polite, had no choice but to watch 90 minutes of rugby, a game he cannot stand and to have my mate shouting excitedly and violently and game moves that no one in the house even understood !!!! HAHAHAHAHA
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  1. Freaksho Says:

    babe,u are so from another place.

  2. CaramelD Says:

    YES I am a proud eastenders fan for life!!! hahaha